Offering a new Genetics and Ecology Institute to study Amazonian Biodiversity

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Fri Dec 2 12:44:07 EST 1994

Dear Sir or Lady:

This is a NEWS-Letter to inform you of the existance
BIODIVERSITY . For further information write
to: Dr. Hugo Hoenigsberg                             
    Instituto de Genetica-Ecologica y Biodiversidad Amazonica
    Cra.4 No.71-69
    Bogota D.C.COLOMBIA.
    FAX: 612 7369
You can sent your our personal address above. We are considering
applications to fill posts as research scientific staff members.
Evolutionary-Biologists, geneticists,ecologists, systematist,
botanists,zoologists, mathematicians and other Ph.D. individuals
interested in neo-tropical biological research with at least 10 years of
research experience preferably, but not exclusively, in the tropics, and

about 10 published scientific papers will be considered. This new
Institute will study Amazonian biodiversity. Although its main purpose is

research it will by inclination help, not only to preserve the Amazonian
biodiversity , but also to diseminate the gospel of international
management of the most wonderful world natural reserve for which it is
worth to dedicate ones life. There will also be graduate degrees to be
dealt with. For academic life within the Institute, please contact
the Rector of the Amazonian University as follows:  
                Dr. Ernesto Fajardo
                Universidad de la Amazonia
                Florencia, Caqueta
                FAX: (988 35) 8231
Florencia is the capital of the State of Caqueta, and Caqueta is one of
the three Amazonian States of Colombia. We will be working closely with
Peruvian and Brazilian scientist interested in Amazonian biodiversity.
Our Central offices and research labs will be in Florencia's souroundings.

Hoping to see you soon
                 Yours truly, 
                 Hugo Hoenigsberg

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