Inform. about exibit."Health & Beauty"in SPb,Russia

Vladislav V. Sinalitskiy Vlad at
Sat Dec 10 09:10:17 EST 1994

                  Dear Sirs!
The Organizing Commettee of the International exhibition "Health
& Beauty" send you the information about our exhibition that will
take place in St.Petersburg .
We kindly ask you to inform the firms which interests lies in that
sphere. If you need more information about our exhibition  or it
organizes please contact with Organaizing Commettee.
Hoping that you are interested in fruitful cooperation with us and
thanking you in advance for your kind endeavours,
Yours sincerely, Vice-chairman   Vladislav V. Sinalitskiy
            "         Dear Sirs!
We are pleased to invite your firm to take part in the International
Exhibition "Health & Beauty."
The exhibition  will  be  organized by the firm "Pharmexpo" together
with St-Petersburg's State Medical Academy, Chamber of Commerce and
Industry, and  Ministry  of  Public Health.  In addition we have the
support of  the  newspaper  "Nevskoie  Vriemia"("Neva  Times")   and
St-Petersburg's city administration.
The exhibition "Health & Beauty" will be arranged  from  March  3-7,
1995 at St-Petersburg's Central Exhibition Hall, the main exhibition
centre in St-Petersburg.
The exhibition  is  divided into the following sections:  medicines,
medical-cosmetic products, sanitary-hygienic products,   technical-
medical  equipment, prophylactic medicine, medical insurance.
Furthermore, during the exhibition there will be an optional scien-
tific conference,"The Environment,  Medicine and Health," held under
the auspices of St-Petersburg's State Medical Academy.The Conference
will be simultaneously translated from Russian to English.
The exhibition spaces are of a high quality, with the price depending
on the area and configuration and values from 700 $US (4sq m) to 3010
$US (16sq m). Exhibitors may also order a larger space if necessary
(up to 110 square meters).
We hope you are interested in our proposition to take part in the
"Health & Beauty" Exhibition.
We need your application till February 15,1995.
Please feel free to contact our Organizing committee: Russia,
Phone: +7 812 213 92 15, +7 812 213 92 24 (fax), +7 812 239 37 30
Post: Pharmexpo Inc.,8a,21-st Line of V.O.,199026,St-Petersburg.
ôelex 709045 PHARM RU
           Welcome to "Health & Beauty"!
  Yours faithfully, Chairman of the Organizing commettee
Prof. Alexander V. Shabrov, MD, Sc.D  "

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