LensNet: Lens and Cataract Researcher Network

Ken P Mitton kpmitton at vt.edu
Thu Dec 15 00:50:07 EST 1994

LensNet: The email Lens and Cataract Research Inter-network.

LensNet has been in place since Aug., 1994, and provides a monthly email
database contact listing to subscribers who are scientists and clinicians
involved in Lens and /or Cataract research.

Members of the LensNet have increased intercommunication via the Internet
by using a simple epdated listing of email tags of other Lens Researchers
involved in Lens research. Graduate students in the field are invited to
join as well. The cost is ZERO $$.

LensNet is subscribed to by most well known lens researchers in the US,
Canada, England, Scotland, India and Australia, that have Internet
access. Notices pertaining to Lens researchers can also be sent with the
LenNet email listing in each LensNet posting.

The LensNet is managed through email by a live manager, which maintains a
degree of privacy to subscribers. The LensNet database is not available
for FTP or Browsing.

A  base of about 60 researchers participate at this time with an average
of 10% growth accomplished simply by "word of mouth" so far.

The EyeNet WWW document is under testing at this time at Virginia Tech (
Ken Mitton, Department of Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology) , to
provide a  hub pointing to Eye Research Information, LensNet and
CorneaNet, Research Societies (i.e. ISER and ARVO ) and other foundations
that support and promote Eye and Blindness Research.  

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the world as a whole and
the third leading cause of blindness in the western world.

Researchers interested in LensNet should contact :    LensNet at vt.edu    
kpmitton at vt.edu      regarding the subject : lensnet   and include their
full address and email tag in the message.

CorneaNet is under primary construction at this time and corneal
researchers may email to :       kpmitton at vt.edu      regarding CorneaNet.

I will also be available in person at the Association for Research in
Vision and Ophthalmology Meeting in Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Convention
Center, May 95.

WWW EyeNet information will be posted here when in place in the new year.

Kenneth P. Mitton , PhD
Cataract Lab
Dept. of Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
(Virginia Tech )
Blacksburg Va 24061-0803

LensNet at vt.edu

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