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Mon Dec 19 20:04:44 EST 1994

Development in the field of computer and information technology has 
impacted on our biological and biotechnological research and its output. 
Several computer wizards and information scientists have focused their 
attention towards life sciences. Likewise many traditional biologists 
have become pioneers in the field of bioinformatics. But still much needs 
to be done in this field. We need better interaction and exchange of 
views. Rather we need to educate many bio-scientists about the 
development in this field. In order to address most of this issue, I am 
planning to organise "International Symposium on Computation and 
Informatics in Biology". I wish to organise this here in GOA, India in 
January 1996. 
This letter comes to all those who concern about biology, its status and 
bioinformatics with the help to add following for better organisation. Do 
send your comments and suggestion to the address given below.
                bioinfo at

Please add/comment and suggest on the following :
A. Should be theme and objective of such symposia.
B. Addresses of the people working on various aspects of bioinformatics 
C. Possible agencies who can fund symposia.
D. What should be the duration of the symposia.
E. What should be the best way to conduct for better outcome.
F. Would you like to particiapate.
G. Possible publisher of the proceedings.
H. Nomination for the Advisory Committee.

Hope to receive your responses soon.
Vishwas Chavan
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