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Fri Dec 23 18:11:06 EST 1994

The latest issue of this publication (Volume 1 Nr 2) is now available.

It can be read via WWW

or downloaded via anonymous ftp and then printed
 bioslave.uio.no pub/embnet.news/embnews2.ps
 s-ind2.dl.ac.uk pub/embnet.news/embnews2.ps
 dbmdec5.ulb.ac.be pub/embnet.news/embnews2.ps

Enjoy a good read this Christmas!

Yours, the embnet.news editorial team

Alan Bleasby    (EMBnet UK)
Reinhard Doelz  (EMBnet Switzerland)
Robert Herzog   (EMBnet Belgium)
Andrew Lloyd    (EMBnet Ireland)
Rodrigo Lopez   (EMBnet Norway)

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