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BIOMARKET list (email discussion group) on LISTPROC at USA.NET
- Biomedical/Biotechnical Marketing Communications


Purpose:  To discuss marketing communications as it
relates to human biomedical and biotechnical products.  To
share information on strategies, tactics, and resources
available to biomed/biotech marketing communicators. Level of discussion
varies from basic how-to-do-it to high-level marketing strategy
analysis in the biomedical and biotechnical product industries.

     Typical BIOMARKET subscribers might:
a.) have positions titled Vice President of Marketing and
Sales, Marketing Communications Manager, Marketing Assistant,
Communications Specialist, PR Manager, Advertising Director,
Account Executive, and/or Trade Show Coordinator...
b.) have responsibilities in such areas as advertising,
collateral/sales literature, direct mail, public relations,
trade shows, corporate identity, sales support, and/or leads
c.) market products in the fields of AIDS research, anesthesiology, biology,
biomedical science or engineering, cancer research, cardiovascular and
pumonary disease, genetics, immunology, neurology, pathology, pediatrics,
pharmaceuticals, etc...
d.) market products to clinics, government, hospitals, laboratory
scientists, pharmaceutical and medical research centers, physicians,
e.) read such trade publications as Bio/Technology, Biomedical Products,
Biopharm, Biotech Brief, Biotech Buyers' Guide, BioTechniques, JAMA, Medical
Device & Diagnostics Industry, Medical Product Manufacturing News, Medical
Devices, Medical Equipment Designer, Medical Electronics, Pharmaceutical
Technology, The New England Journal of Medicine...
f.) track biomedical and biotechnical coverage in The New York Times, The
Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal...

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subscribe BIOMARKET Your Real Name


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