CEPH-Genethon P map WWW page

Spencer W. Thomas spencer at med.umich.edu
Wed Jan 5 21:50:17 EST 1994

I've started loading the CEPH-Genethon physical map data into a
relational database form, with query access via WWW.  Right now, I've
got all the fingerprint-pair data and the hybridization and STS data
for chromosome 17 loaded (because that's what we need here).  Check it
out starting from the UM Genome Center home page at

Right now, it lets you search by YAC clone or STS, and returns a page
with all available information about that clone or STS.  Links to
other clones/STSs are live.  It's a lot easier than flipping back &
forth in a printout (horrid thought, but one researcher here already
did just that!)  

If this is useful to others, I can put the rest of the hyb & sts data
in.  I'm already planning to add the route data.  And, of course,
suggestions for more useful query forms will be entertained.

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