David Kristofferson kristoff at
Fri Jan 7 19:51:11 EST 1994

The vote for the PROTISTA newsgroup was 93 YES and 4 NO while the
PARASITOLOGY group garnered 165 YES votes with no opposition.  Both
groups therefore exceeded the voting requirements and will be created.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please do NOT attempt to sign up for or use these
groups until an announcement is made in this forum that they are ready
for use!!


e-mail addresses: 	protista at
			protista at

Discussion leaders:

	Marsha Altschuler
	Dept. of Biology
	Williams College
	Williamstown, MA 01267
	marsha.i.altschuler at

	Mark Farmer
	Dept. of Zoology
	Biological Sciences Building
	University of Georgia
	Athens, GA 30602
	farmer at



e-mail addresses:  parasite at
                   parasite at

Discussion leaders:  Daniel R. Brooks, Sherwin S. Desser and Henry Hong
                     Department of Zoology
                     University of Toronto
                     Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5S 1A1
                     parasite at


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