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Mon Jan 10 15:57:03 EST 1994


This is an announcement of a series of postings starting January 
17, 1994, on the newsgroup embnet.net-dev in order to provide an 
introduction to the World-Wide Web project. The goal is to answer 
the very basic questions as what is the World-Wide Web, what is 
availble on the Web, what software is required to access the Web, 
and how to get and install the software. It is not intended to 
guide people who want to provide information to the Web. The 
postings are aimed to biologists who have access to the Internet 
and are interested in obtaining and setting up the programs needed 
to access the Web. Previous experience with network retrieval tools 
are not essential but knowledge in the use of FTP would be an 

Anyone who is interested in receiving these introductionary 
postings but cannot read the newsgroup embnet.net-dev can send an 
email request to www at comp.bioz.unibas.ch.

Florian Eggenberger
EMBnet Switzerland


EMBnet Switzerland is a project funded by the University of Basel, 
the Swiss National Science Foundation, and industrial contributions 
from Digital Equipment and Silicon Graphics (in alphabetical 

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