AFRC training manual

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Tue Jan 11 22:02:39 EST 1994

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                   I N T E R O F F I C E   M E M O R A N D U M

                                        Created:   11-Jan-1994 04:18pm
                                        Sent:      11-Jan-1994 04:19pm
                                        From:      MR CH O'DONNELL
                                                   O'DONNELL CH at A1@UKA
                                        Dept:      Protein Biochemistry
                                        Tel No:    Gfd 2417


Subject: AFRC training manual

The following is available on the embl fileserver:

    o   AFRC_MAN.UAA            - AFRC training manual in molecular biology
                                  software, focussing on the GCG software
                                  package (Cary O'Donnell), Sep 1993
                                  (Unix-compress, tar, sent in 6 parts .UAA to

The fileserver address is:  netserv at de.embl-heidelberg

Send the command GET DOC:AFRC_MAN.UAA to the file server.

You will also need the UUD code and will also need to untar the file after

WORD source code for this document may be available in the near future, please
be patient :-)

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