Searching GDB and OMIM via Email

GDB User Support help at
Tue Jan 11 22:09:19 EST 1994

Searching GDB and OMIM via Email

As of January 10, 1994, you can search GDB and OMIM via email by sending an 
email query to:  mailserv at  

To receive the complete help file which includes descriptions/examples of all
the commands and search strategy suggestions, just put the word 'help' on a 
line by itself in the body of the message.  No subject line is necessary when
querying mailserv.

This summary briefly describes the new service. 

The following databases are available:


gdb-citation		articles, abstracts, etc.
gdb-contact		scientists' contact information
gdb-locus		genetic loci
gdb-map			genetic maps
gdb-mutation		genetic mutations
gdb-polym		genetic polymorphisms
gdb-probe		genetic probes
gdb                     superset of the above (searches
                          all the gdb-* databases)
omim			Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

The email server uses WAIS for all searches.  WAIS locates documents 
containing the specified query terms and ranks them according to the frequency
with which they appear in the document, as well as whether or not the query 
terms appear in the document's title.


A single email message can contain an unlimited number of commands. The results
of all commands, except help, will be sent in a single message. Valid 
commands are:


	Requests the mailserv helpfile document which is mailed separately from
	any other requests as long as "help" is on a line by itself within 
	the body of your message.  The help document contains the list
	of valid commands and search strategies.

search [database] [keywords]

	Searches the specified database for the occurrence of one or more 
	keywords.  Only one database can be specified per email line. 

	ex:	search omim marfan
		search gdb-citation marfan

get [GDB or OMIM Accession number]

	Retrieves a specific document from GDB or OMIM. Accession numbers are
	returned when you perform a search on a keyword so you may retrieve 
	the exact document or documents you want.

	GDB and OMIM have different accession numbers; you do not need to 
	specify the database.  The first example retrieves a GDB document; 
	the second an OMIM document.

	ex.	get G00-000-123
		get 193005

	Instructs the mailserv program to ignore all lines following.


The following example query will send you one message with the help file
and a second message with all the search results.

	To:	 mailserv at

	search gdb-citation marfan
	search omim marfan


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