The WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences

Keith Robison robison1 at
Fri Jan 21 00:06:21 EST 1994

	Just to remind people of the WWW resource:

<a href="">The WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences</a>
which attempts to be a comprehensive list of all bio-Web sites with 
resources of particular interest.

which I maintain.  The purpose of this note is to encourage all

 1) bio-Web providers to reference this document
 2) bio-Web providers to raid this document for links
 3) new bio-Web providers to send me the URL(s) to their
    resources once they are up (just send me whatever you send to this
    group, comp.infosystems.announce, or any of the other announcement media).
 4) bio-Web users to point out bad links

Also, at some point in the future it will probably make sense to sub-divide
this resource (currently a 17K file).  Sub-discipline resources would be
much better if someone more knowledgable than I were curating them.  
If there are any interested parties, please let me know.

Keith Robison
Harvard University
Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology
Department of Genetics / HHMI

krobison at 

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