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Sun Jan 23 19:45:53 EST 1994

The two BIOPHYSICS/BIOPHYSICAL-SOCIETY newsgroups have passed by an
overwhelming margin, 462 YES to 6 NO votes, although this represents
slightly less than a 33% turnout on the Biophysical Society mailing
list.  It is not clear from this whether the remainder were not
interested or simply do not read e-mail despite having addresses in
the Society's directory.

Nonetheless it is clear that a sizable number of scientists are eager
to participate in these groups and they have easily met our criteria
for newsgroup creation.  A copy of the charter is appended below.

Due to the tremendous size of the BIOPHYSICS mailing list (>1500
addresses), before establishing the lists for general use, Biophysical
Society members are being given a two week period to remove themselves
automatically from the mailing list in case they either want to
participate via USENET news or simply leave the list.  Instructions on
how to do so have been sent to them separately.

The newsgroups should be ready for general use during the second week
in February.  Please DO NOT try to subscribe by e-mail before you see
an announcement here in BIONEWS/bionet.announce that the groups are

Best wishes for their successful use!


				David Kristofferson, Ph.D.
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

Proposal to establish BIOPHYSICS/bionet.biophysics (unmoderated) and

e-mail addresses:  For BIOPHYSICS: biophys at
                   		   biophys at
		   For BIOPHYSICAL-SOCIETY: bphyssoc at
					    bphyssoc at

The following discussion leaders will serve on an interim basis until
permanent leaders are selected.  Dr. Kristofferson's role, until a
replacement is determined, will consist simply of posting news
articles approved by the Society for general distribution.

BIOPHYSICS Discussion leader: Carol Gross
			      Biophysical Journal
		   	      cgross at

BIOPHYSICAL-SOCIETY Moderator: David Kristofferson
			       biosci-help at

Newsgroup charters:

The BIOPHYSICS/bionet.biophysics unmoderated newsgroup will be a
discussion forum for all aspects of research in biophysics.
Membership in this discussion group will be optional for Society
members.  The purpose of this newsgroup is to provide a forum for the
discussion of issues related to the science and profession of
biophysics. Topics could include

- research ideas (particularly those too preliminary to warrant formal
- advice on experimental techniques or theoretical approaches
- information about instrumentation, biochemical supplies, etc.
- exchange of computer programs
- ideas about teaching biophysics (useful review articles, etc.)
- information about upcoming conferences, short courses, etc.
- public policy issues affecting biophysics

The BIOPHYSICAL-SOCIETY/bionet.biophysics.society newsgroup will be a
controlled volume, moderated forum used by the Biophysical Society for
sending announcements to its membership.  Only approved Society
communications will be posted to this forum and all Society members
will be subscribed by e-mail if they do not have access to USENET news
software.  Free discussion of any issues raised in this forum can take
place in the unmoderated group BIOPHYSICS/bionet.biophysics.

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