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Fri Jan 28 18:08:37 EST 1994


In November 1993, Bioline Publications launched a new service of 
interest to biologists, providing on-line search and delivery of the 
full text and graphics of journal papers, reports and newsletters. The 
system is available via gopher at
To further enhance the system we are pleased to announce the launch of 
a Bioline discussion list.

The aim of the list is to establish closer links between readers and
ourselves. We will inform interested users of new developments at 
Bioline Publications and regularly update them on new material added 
to the system. In addition, it will provide a discussion forum for 
biologists to express opinions on how the system could develop and how
to broaden the range of material available. Discussion on the 
mechanisms of on-line delivery for Bioline Publications will also be 

In order to subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to: 

listserv at

with the command: 

SUB BIOLINE-L <your full name> 

as the message. Subscribers will be sent full instructions following
subscription. For further information please contact Bioline 
Publications at bio at

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