Announcement: 3rd Int. Conf. BioInformatics & Genome Research

Victor B. Strelets STRELETS at
Wed Jan 26 21:06:12 EST 1994


                  The Third International Conference on

                       Internet: bio94 at

		 Wednesday June 1 - Saturday June 4, 1994
      The Augustus B. Turnbull III Florida State Conference Center
                     Florida State University
                  Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2027

			   Sponsored by
          The Supercomputer Computations Research Institute		    
                     Florida State University 
                  Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4052

Abstracts:    Due April 15, 1994
	      One (8.5" by 11") page, single space, 12-point type
              Notification of acceptance mailed by May 1, 1994

Manuscripts:  Due during the conference
              Less than 15 pages (8.5" by 11"), single spaced, 12-point type
	      within page size 6.5" by 9.0"
              (For figures, please allow for reduction of 80%)

International Organizers: 
o Jagdish C. Agrawal  
  Computer Science Department, (King Saud University, Riyadh, 
o Patrizio Arrigo 
  (CNR Instituto Circuiti Eletronici, Genova, ITALY)
  arrigo at
o Sarah Barron 
  (Center for High Performance Computing, University of Texas at Austin, USA)
  sarah at
o Charles R. Cantor 
  (Director, Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology, 
  Boston University, USA)
  crc at
o Julio Collado-Vides 
  (Centro de Investigacion sobre fijacion de Nitrogeno, UNAM, MEXICO)
  collado at 
o Janan Eppig 
  (The Jackson Laboratory, Maine, USA)
  jte at
o Chris Fields 
  (The Institute for Genomic Research, Gaithersburg, MD, USA)
  cfields at
o Heinrich Giesen 
  (Universit{\"a}dt Koblenz/Landau, Fachbereich Informatik, 
   Rheinau 3--4, W-5400, Koblenz, GERMANY) 
   giesen at
o Guo Fan Hong 
  (Director, National Center for Gene Research, Shanghai, CHINA)
o Andrzej K. Konopka 
  (NCI/DCBDC, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA)
   konopka at
o Leken Latinwo 
  (Molecular Biology, FAMU, Florida, USA) 
o Michael N. Liebman 
  (Bioinformation Group, Amoco Technology Company, Naperville, USA)
  mliebman at
o Hwa A. Lim 
  (SCRI, Florida State University, USA)
  hlim at
o Andrey Mirzabekov 
  (Director, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Moscow, RUSSIA)
o Yong-Ha Park 
  (National Project Director, Center for Bioinformatics \& Systematics, 
  KIST, Taejon, KOREA)
  yhpark at
o Robert Robbins 
  (Bioinformation Infrastructure Program, US DOE, Washington, D.C., USA)
  rrobbins at
o Toshihisa Takagi 
  (Human Genome Center, The Institute of Medical Science, Tokyo, Japan)
  takagi at
o Cathy Wu 
  (Department of Epidemiology/Biomathematics, University of Texas at Tyler)
  wu%jason.decnet at 

Local Organizers: 
o Elena Kenderova (SCRI, Florida State University)
  elenak at
o Hwa Lim (SCRI, Florida State University)
  hlim at
o Eva Meirovitch (SCRI, Florida State University)
  eva at
o Victor Strelets (SCRI, Florida State University)
  strelets at

Conference Staff:
o Susan Lampman  (Augustus B. Turnbull III Florida State Conference Center)
  slampman at
o Patricia Meredith (SCRI, Florida State University)
  meredith at
o Mimi Burbank (SCRI, Florida State University)
  mimi at

BIOINFORMATICS AND GENOME RESEARCH continues the series of international
conferences sponsored by SCRI, and partially funded by various granting
agencies and industrial companies in 1990 and 1992. 

This conference is the third biennial conference in the series.  The
first two were: 

o  "The First International Conference on Electrophoresis, Supercomputing
   and the Human Genome", April 10 - 13, 1990, Florida State Conference
   Center, Tallahassee, Florida;  partially funded by Florida Technology
   Research & Development Authority (TRDA 113), US DOE (DE-FC05-85ER250000), 
   Thinking Machine Corp., Digital Equipment Corp. and CRAY Research Inc. 

o  "The Second International Conference on Bioinformatics,
   Supercomputing and Complex Genome Analysis", June 4 - 7, 1992, St,
   Petersburg Beach, Florida; partially funded by Florida Technology
   Research & Development Authority (TRDA 205), US DOE (DE-FC05-85ER250000, 
   and DE-FG05-92ER61456), NSF (BIR-9209062), Intel Corp., MasPar Computer
   Corp., Silicon Graphics Corp., and World Scientific Publishing Co., Inc.

Two conference proceedings have been published:

o  "Proceedings of The First International Conference on Electrophoresis, 
   Supercomputing and the Human Genome", Charles R. Cantor and Hwa A. Lim
   (Eds.), (World Scientific Publishing Co., New Jersey, 1991), 325 pages.

o  "Proceedings of The Second International Conference on Bioinformatics, 
   Supercomputing and Complex Genome Analysis", Hwa A. Lim, James W. Fickett, 
   Charles R. Cantor and Robert J. Robbins (Eds.), 
   (World Scientific Publishing Co.,  New Jersey, 1993), 648 pages.

The nature of the conference (submission, sessions, proceedings) is
deliberately designed to enable maximum dissemination and exchange of
information in the most timely manner possible. 

The goal of the Third Conference is to provide a forum in which experts
from both the academic and industrial sectors, including young
researchers and students, can gather to interact.  It is hoped that this
will afford them an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the
scope, direction, and future prospects of informatics, computing and
genome research. Speakers and participants will be computational
experts, experimentalists and technologists from around the world.  The
interdisciplinary nature of the conference is designed to: 

o foster an exchange of ideas and information among disciplines; and
o lead to a transfer of technologies, especially from the academic
  sector to the private sector.

The TOPICAL AREAS include:
o Nucleic acid and protein sequence research 
  (Chairperson: Andrzej Konopka)
o Computational/theoretical integrative approaches to gene regulation 
  and metabolism 
  (Chairperson: Collado Vidas)
o Genome rearrangement 
  (Chairperson: Pavel Pevzner)
o Database integration/interoperability 
  (Chairperson: Hwa Lim)
o Molecular informatics of HIV 
  (Chairperson: Hans Sieburg)
o Tools and techniques for genome analyses 
  (Chairperson: Sarah Barron)
o Methods for understanding genetic data through graphic displays
  (Chairperson: Janan Eppig)
o Visualization of biological processes 
  (Chairperson: Heinrich Giesen).

There will be two KEYNOTE SPEAKERS:
1. Dr. Charles R. Cantor 
   (Director, Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology, Boston
    University, USA). 
   Title: "Parallel Processing in  Genome mapping and Sequencing"; and
2. Dr. Robert J. Robbins (Bioinformation Infrastructure Program Office
   of Health and Environmental Research, US DOE). 
   Title: "Genome Informatics: Toward a Federated Information Infrastructure".

1.  Dr. Allen D. Roses 
    (Head, Alzheimer's Disease Research, Duke University Medical Center,
    Durham, North Carolina).
    Title: "Apolipo Protein E in Alzheimer's Disease".

The conference will feature invited talks during the day and informal
evening gatherings designed to further enhance the opportunity for
information exchange. 

The tentative conference schedule from Tuesday (May 31)
through Saturday (June 4, 1994) is included below.  We will adjust it
depending upon the number of contributed papers and the interest in 
having evening workshops. 

May 31    Registration (Radisson Hotel)

June 1     Opening session,
Wednesday  Keynote Speech (Cantor) 
	   "Parallel Processing in Genome mapping and sequencing"  
           Regular morning session
	   Keynote Speech (Robbins)
	   "Genome Informatics: Toward a Federated Information Infrastructure"
	   Regular afternoon session
   	   Reception at the Museum of Florida History
   	   (Music provided by FSU School of Music)

June 2     Regular morning session
Thursday   Group Photo session
	   Regular afternoon session
	   Banquet held at Conference Center 
   	   banquet speech (Dr. Roses) "Apolipo Protein E in Alzheimer's Disease"

June 3     Regular morning session
Friday     Lunch
	   Regular afternoon session
           Evening Federal/Academic/Industrial Panel Discussion

June 4     Regular morning session
Saturday   Closing   12 Noon

Please register for the conference using the form attached below. We
will have to limit the number of attendees to 150. 

If you would like to give a talk at the conference, we ask that 
you submit a one-page abstract for review by committee members.
An Abstract Booklet will be distributed at the conference.

Send electronic version to:  	bio94 at
Send hard copy to:		H.A. Lim
   				400 SCL
   				Florida State University 
   				Tallahassee  FL  32306-4052
   				FAX:  (904) 644-0098

We ask that you plan to address topics within the scope outlined
above. Within the limits of available time, we would like to accommodate
as many speakers (not more than 42) as practicable.  

Notifications of acceptance will be mailed by May 1, 1994.
Instructions for preparation of manuscripts will be sent to all speakers
at this time. 

Please also bring a copy of your manuscript (hard copy and electronic
form, preferably formatted using plain TeX or LaTeX, or in ascii format)
so you can  submit them DURING CONFERENCE REGISTRATION.  It should be
less than 15 pages (including figures and tables), single spaced and 12
point type.  We will allow you one month after the conference to make any
changes (such as incorporating answers to questions raised by the
audience during the conference). Otherwise, by default, we will use the
version submitted during the registration for inclusion in the proceedings.
All contributions to the proceedings will be reviewed by peers and
copy-edited. If you present a paper, you may (optional) want to bring a
photo of yourself for inclusion in the proceedings volume. 

We also encourage poster contributions.  Please submit (FAX) hard copy,
*plus* an electronic version of the abstract for your poster 
by May 1, 1994, for inclusion in the Abstract Booklet.  

Vendors are also strongly encouraged to exhibit their products.

Any questions or requests can be sent via email to 

   	bio94 at 

or to one of the organizers. SCRI can be reached by phone at (904) 644-1010.



The Third International Conference on
   					*Conference Program Number:  1903194
June 1 - 4, 1994

PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT                                                 

Name _____________________________________

Social Security Number ___________________
(your SSN is optional, but without it any request for a registration refund
 will be delayed)

Institution/Company __________________________________                  

Address/Mailstop __________________________________________________  

City/State/Zip ____________________________________________  

Country _______________________________

Phone (_____)______________________

Fax  (_____)______________________

Email address _______________________________________  

Conference Program Number:  1903194

Please indicate (Y/N) where appropriate: 

Student________		Talk________		Poster________

Regular ________	Talk________		Poster________

Vendor  ________	Talk________		Poster________

The registration fee for the conference is $225 ($275 after May 1, 1994), and 
includes four continental breakfasts, and morning and afternoon 
refreshments.  The rate for students is $150 (proof is required)
and $1000 for vendors (this includes one participant).

If you want to pay by check, please complete the above registration form, and
return it along with your check made payable to FSU (Be sure to reference 
the Conference Program Number on your check) to: 

	Center for Professional Development and Public Service
	Conference Registrar
	Florida State University
	Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2027

If you want to register by credit card, you may register by email by sending
back an edited form of the above registration information, as well as the
following credit card information:

Credit Card Name (Mastercard or Visa ONLY)_____________________________

Credit Card Number ___________________________

Name (as it appears on card) __________________________________

Expiration Date of Card _____________________

There is an additional 2% charge by the University for credit card
registrations (bringing the required total to $230).

Email registrations, and all other inquiries about the conference, may be
sent to:
	email: bio94 at, or
	fax:   (904) 644-0098, attention of Pat Meredith

Hotel Information:
The conference hotel is the Radisson Hotel, which is within walking
distance of the conference center and the FSU campus. Rooms are $60 per
night, single or double, and reservations should be made as early as
possible. Be sure to mention Bioinformatics Conference to get the
special rate.  The hotel address and phone number are: 

   	Radisson Hotel
   	415 North Monroe Street
   	Tallahassee, FL 32301 
   	Phone and Fax: (904) 224-6000

The closest airport is the Tallahassee Airport. Shuttle service to and
from the airport is provided by the Radisson Hotel. You may wish to
stay over a Saturday night to take advantage of the SuperSaver program. 

The weather during the period of the conference is some of the most pleasant
times in Tallahassee.  Warm (80s F) during the day, but light jackets might be
needed during the evenings (60s F).  There may be occasional late afternoon

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