BIOSCI Newsgroups - Changes

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed Jun 1 03:00:03 EST 1994

A new newsgroup GRASSES-SCIENCE/bionet.biology.grasses was
established.  Please see the BIOSCI info sheet in a subsequent posting
for details.

In addition to gopher and FTP access, BIOSCI documents can now be
retrieved automatically by e-mail from biosci-server at as
described at the end of the BIOSCI info sheet.

The "which" command was fixed on biosci-server at  Sending
in "which" to this address will automatically return your subscription
list for those on the BIOSCI mailing lists at (Americas
and Pacific Rim users).

The BIOSCI user address database (accessible by gopher to
or via WAIS in our source biologists-addresses.src) is up to 3695
entries.  The backlog of entries waiting to be processed has been
eliminated, and all entries received as of 4 PM Pacific Time on May
31st have been indexed.  If you have not reviewed your entry recently,
please do so to check it for accuracy.  If you need to change
anything, please resubmit an entire new entry to biovote at;
we do not have the resources to do major edits on existing entries.

The next message following this one is the bionet checkgroups message.
This was posted in the past to news.admin but will be posted here in
the future as part of our monthly informational postings.  The
checkgroups message can be used by your news system administrator to
update your list of bionet USENET newsgroups in your newsreader, so
please bring it to his/her attention.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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