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Thu Jun 2 22:35:11 EST 1994

>Final Announcement and Update
>1st International Symposium on
>Ecosystem Health & Medicine:
>Integrating Science, Policy, Management
>June 19 - 23, 1994, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
>Organized by the International Society of Ecosystem Health and Medicine
>and the University of Guelph
>The symposium date is fast approaching.
>This is a final reminder and update.
>Note that the early registration and
>abstract submission deadlines have been
>extended.  WeUre looking forward to
>seeing you in Ottawa!
>New Deadlines:
>Deadline for Contributed Abstracts:  May 1, 1994
>Deadline for Early Registration: June 1, 1994
>(late registration available at the meeting)
>Additional Speakers:
>Richard Levins, Harvard University School of Public
>Lynton Caldwell, Indiana University, Public and
>Environmental Affairs
>Kathryn Sullivan, Chief Scientist, NOAA
>Emerging Scientists Forum:
>Open to Graduate students and PDF's .  Contact Bruce
>e-mail address;  bforbes @ envsci. uoguelph. ca
>For More Information:  see following
>Aims & Scope:
>This international symposium aims to develop an integrated
>science for effective management of regional and global
>environments.  The transdisciplinary field of ecosystem
>health and medicine bridges the social, health and natural
>sciences to encourage integrated approaches to assessing,
>maintaining and improving the health of ecosystems.  The
>symposium program will promote dialogue across disciplines to
>explore the conceptual and science base for this emerging
>field, the implications of changes in ecosystem health for
>human health, and practical applications to policies and
>programs.  The goal is not only to develop the science of
>ecosystem health assessment, but also to promote healthy
>public policy and to inspire change.  This symposium will
>attract the participation of professionals in ecosystem
>science and management, medical and health sciences,
>environmental ethics, law and policy and ecological
>economics, for the purpose of exploring common strategies in
>forging a new integrated ecosystem health practice.
>Major Themes:
>Assessing Ecosystem Health
>The Human Health / Ecosystem Health Interface
>Linking Science, Ethics and Policy
>Symposium events:
>Featured Speakers, including: Henry Kendall, Thomas Lovejoy,
>Eugene Odum, Francesco di Castri, Kristin Shrader-Frechette,
>David Ehrenfeld; Richard Levins, Lynton Caldwell, Kathryn
>Transdisciplinary Panels, such as: Indicators of Ecosystem
>Health; Bioethics and the Environment; Global Environmental
>Change and human health; Legal and Policy Frameworks.
>Interactive Workshops, including: social Values and Ecosystem
>Health Objectives; Trends in Environmental Law; Linking
>Science, Ethics and Policy.
>Contributed Display Area Presentations.
>Special Forum for graduate students and post-docs.
>Contact Bruce Forbes: e-mail address: bforbes @
>Sponsors include: US EPA, Environment Canada, Health Canada,
>Forestry Canada, US Forestry Service, NOAA, BLM, Parks
>Canada, Royal Society
>of Canada
>Contact: Carol Partland
>Phone: (519) 824 4120  ext 2967
>FAX: (519) 767 0758
>Internet: cpartlan at
>Mailing Address:
>Office of Continuing Education
>159 Johnston Hall
>University of Guelph
>Guelph Ontario
>N1G 2W1 Canada
>Dr. David J. Rapport
>University of Ottawa
>Department of Biology
>30 Marie Curie Priv.
>Ottawa, Ontario
>internet:  drapport at
>Telephone: (613) 567-7672
>Fax:       (613) 567-1177

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