Dave Kristofferson kristoff at
Fri Jun 10 13:18:56 EST 1994

It's just about time to schedule another BIOSCI road trip.  I have
received 17 invitations to date to speak about BIOSCI and the Internet
at various institutions around the U.S.  I have a critical mass (8) in
the Ohio, PA, NY, CT, and MD/DC area but can probably still fit in two
more on that trip before I finalize dates.

I also am approaching enough invitations to justify a trip to the
Carolina, GA, and Alabama area but need a few more before I can
schedule anything.

Finally, the last current possibility might be in the Colorado,
Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas area, but, again, I need a few more before
I can make a go of this.

If you are interested in having a talk presented at your site about
the use of electronic newsgroups and other Internet features such as
WAIS, gopher, and Mosaic, please send mail to 

talks at

Currently I am looking primarily for a few more sites in the general
areas above (either the states indicated or adjoining states), but
will also travel to other areas if I can drum up at least 5 sites that
are each separated by no more than 2-3 hundred miles.

The only catch is that I am asking each institution to put me up for
the night.  I will cover air fare and rental car costs.


				David Kristofferson, Ph.D.
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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