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The US Department of Energy's 1994 competition for Research
Financial  Assistance within the Human Genome Program was
announced in the Federal Register, 02/18/94 Vol. 59, No. 034,
pages 30-32, Program Notices 94-12: Human Genome
Program-Technological Advances.  The full texts can also be
accessed electronically through:

   anonymous ftp TO  for  /genome/9412.txt  
   anonymous ftp TO 
                    for files /DOE/DOENOTE.TXT or
         gopher TO  
         telnet TO  

     DOENOTE.EXE is the compressed version of DOENOTE.TXT which
expands itself on DOS based systems.  DOENOTE also contains
several other DOE non-genome program notices. 

     Some background information relevant to the Genome program
is available by gopher at GOPHER.GDB.ORG


Preapplications are due by April 15, 1994 and formal applications
by July 14, 1994.  Please note that the following addresses are
ONLY for the short preapplications:

US Mail                         Express Delivery Services
-----------------               -------------------------
David A. Smith                  David A. Smith
  attn. Notice 94-12               attn. Notice 94-12
US Dept. of Energy              US Dept. of Energy
OHER, ER-72 GTN                 19901 Germantown Rd.
Washington, DC  20585           Germantown, MD  20874

The facsimile number is:                     (301) 903-8521.
with secretary Joann Corcoran at telephone:  (301) 903-6488.

Internet address:     genome at

Email submissions should use ASCII text format (please do NOT
send LaTeX, TeX or Postscript files!).

Materials for the formal applications will be returned with DOE
responses to appropriate preapplications.  

       Department of Energy Human Genome Program Announcement

Program Notice 94-12: Human Genome Program-Technological Advances

SUMMARY:  The Office of Health and Environmental Research (OHER)
of the Office of Energy Research (ER), U.S. Department of Energy
(DOE), hereby announces its interest in receiving applications in
support of the Human Genome Program.  This Program is a
coordinated, multidisciplinary, goal oriented, research effort
aimed at improving technologies that will lead to a detailed
understanding of the human genome at the molecular level. 
Several research goals are encompassed in this notice, with
collaborative, multidisciplinary efforts specifically encouraged. 
Research will be supported for the development of:  1) integrated
approaches to large-scale human genome sequencing that may
include supportive mapping and automation; 2) cost-effective DNA
sequencing systems that promise more than a 10-fold improvement
in throughput; 3) software and resources for real-time analysis
and annotation of data from high-speed DNA sequencing systems;
(4) resources for facile entry and retrieval of data in community
genome maps and DNA sequence databases, including coordinated
entry or retrieval across multiple, complementary databases. 

PREAPPLICATIONS: Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to
submit a brief preapplication that consists of two to three pages
of narrative describing the research project objectives and
methods of accomplishment.  These will be reviewed relative to
the scope and research needs of the DOE's Human Genome Program. 
Preapplications referencing Program Notice 94-12 should be
received by April 15, 1994, and sent to Dr. David A. Smith,
Office of Health and Environmental Research, ER-72 (GTN), Wash-
ington, D.C. 20585.  Telephone and FAX numbers are required parts
of the preapplication and electronic mail addresses are
desirable.  A response to the preapplications discussing the
potential program relevance of a formal application generally
will be communicated within 30 days of receipt. 

FORMAL APPLICATION DATES:  Formal applications submitted in
response to this notice must be received by 4:30 p.m., E.D.T.,
July 14, 1994, to be accepted for merit review in September 1994,
and to permit timely consideration for award in Fiscal Year 1995. 

ADDRESS:  Formal applications referencing Program Notice 94-12
should be forwarded to:  U.S. Department of Energy, Office of
Energy Research, Acquisition and Assistance Management Division,
ER-64 (GTN), Washington, D.C. 20585, ATTN:  Program Notice 94-12. 
The following address must be used when submitting applications
by U.S. Postal Service Express Mail or any commercial mail
delivery service, or when handcarried by the applicant:  U.S.
Department of Energy, Office of Energy Research, Acquisition and
Assistance Management Division, ER-64, 19901 Germantown Road,
Germantown, MD  20874.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:  It is anticipated that approximately
$5,000,000 will be available for grant awards during FY 1995,
contingent upon availability of appropriated funds.  Multiple
year funding of grant awards is expected, and is also contingent
upon availability of funds.  Previous awards have ranged from
$79,000 per year up to $1,000,000 per year with terms from one to
three years.  Most awards are in the $200,000 to $400,000 per
year range for three years.  Similar award sizes are anticipated
for new grants.  Information on the development and submission of
applications, eligibility, limitations, evaluation, selection
process, and other policies and procedures may be found in the
Application Guide for the Office of Energy Research Financial
Assistance Program and 10 CFR Part 605.  The Application Guide is
available from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Health
and Environmental Research, Health Effects and Life Sciences
Research Division, ER-72 (GTN), Washington, D.C.  20585. 
Telephone requests may be made by calling (301) 903-6488.
The Office of Energy Research, as part of its grant regulations,
requires at 10 CFR 605.11(b) that a grantee funded by ER and
performing research involving recombinant DNA molecules and/or
organisms and viruses containing recombinant DNA molecules shall
comply with the National Institutes of Health "Guidelines for
Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules" (51 FR 16958,
May 7, 1986), or such later revision of those guidelines as may
be published in the Federal Register.  

The dissemination of materials and research data in a timely
manner is essential for progress towards the goals of the DOE
Human Genome Program.  The OHER requires the timely sharing of
resources and data.  Applicants should, in their applications,
discuss their plans for disseminating research data and materials
that may include, where appropriate, putting cell lines, probes,
sequence data, software, etc., into public repositories.  Once
OHER and the applicant have agreed upon a distribution plan, it
will become part of the award conditions.  Funds to defray the
costs of disseminating materials or submitting data to
repositories are allowable; however, such requests must be
adequately justified.  Applicants should also provide timelines
projecting progress toward achieving proposed goals.

Health and Environmental Research, ER-72 (GTN), Office of Energy
Research, U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, D.C.  20585,
(301) 903-6488.  

FROM: The Federal Register, Friday, February 18, 1994, Vol. 59,
No. 034, pages 30-32, 59 FR 8183 "Energy  Research  Financial 
Assistance  Program Notice 94-12: Human Genome
Program-Technological Advances"                             

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