IMPORTANT - Do you still want bionet.molbio.genbank.updates?

smith at smith at
Thu Mar 10 00:49:57 EST 1994

In article <2lfvt6$3n6 at>, kristoff at (David Kristofferson) writes:
> Now that we have most of the other services back under control, we are
> reviewing what to do with the USENET distribution of GenBank data
> carried by bionet.molbio.genbank.updates.  This service was interupted
> in December and we are trying to decide whether or not to have Dave
> Mack set this up again.

As one of the people (along with Dave Kristofferson, Roy Smith et al.) who 
set this up initially I'm obviously keen to see it continue.  It is still the 
most net-friendly means to move these data between sites, and we have been 
very well served by the automatic update system.

It is no secret that there have been some issues about it that deserve 
attention.  If there is indeed sufficient interest in maintaining the group, 
then we might discuss how to re-engineer parts of it to deal with some of 

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