DEEPSEA Electronic Symposium

Thu Mar 24 20:37:11 EST 1994


                            CALL FOR PAPERS

               Deep-Sea and Hydrothermal Vent/Seep Forum
                        First Electronic Symposium

     The DEEPSEA listserver (electronic forum) will have an experimental
electronic symposium beginning July 1, 1994.  This symposium is not
associated with the 7th Symposium of Deep-Sea Biology in Crete, Greece
during September, 1994.  The DEEPSEA symposium will include text, image,
and a forum for discussion of the presented papers.  Papers on any topic
regarding deep-sea and hydrothermal vent/seep biology will be accepted.
Introductory proposals by students are most welcome.  Participants are
encouraged to include submissions on their curriculum vitae.  Deadline for
submissions is June 15, 1994.  Please email your intent to submit a paper to
Andrew McArthur (AMCARTHU at UVVM.UVIC.CA) by May 1, 1994.  Participation in the
symposium and membership with DEEPSEA is free.  For more information, contact
AMCARTHU at UVVM.UVIC.CA or GOPHER to GOPHER.UVIC.CA and select the following
menus in order: "UVic Academic Department", "Biology", "Deep-Sea and
Hydrothermal Vent Information".

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