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                  ARTIFICIAL LIFE ONLINE

    The Artificial Life Online WWW-Server and BBS Service

                       Sponsored by

                        MIT Press
                  The Santa Fe Institute


   The Artificial Life Online/BBS is intended to be a central 
information collection and distribution site on the Internet
for any and all aspects of the Artificial Life endeavor. The 
system is sponsored by MIT Press and the Santa Fe Institute.

  The Alife Online service combines the functionalities of a 
WWW server, a Gopher server, an FTP site, an interactive 
bulletin-board-system, and Usenet News. Directions for accessing 
Alife Online and the ALBBS in these different modes are included 

  A special feature is a collection of 40 or so local newsgroups 
dedicated to a wide variety of topics in Artificial Life.

  Many of the files and resources here are available to everybody
via Gopher and WWW. However, to access the full range of BBS 
services, it is necessary to come in using telnet and to create a 
local account. This will allow you to participate in the local Alife
newsgroup discussions, and to set up personal information files 
such as a plan, project, HTML personal home page, etc. 

To access Alife Online via World-Wide-Web (WWW):
     Use the URL 

     For best results we suggest using a client capable of 
     handling color graphics and forms, such as Mosaic. 

     A character-based (ASCII) client called "lynx" is also 
     available -- but will not support graphics. 

To access the Alife Online BBS (ALBBS) via telnet:

     telnet to "" and login as "bbs". You
     will find yourself in a specially constructed UNIX
     shell within which either BBS menu commands or UNIX
     commands can be used to browse around in the system.

     To set up a local account, telnet to "" 
     login as "bbs," and run the "account" program. These 
     accounts will initially be provided free of charge, but 
     we will eventually have to charge a nominal fee in order 
     to cover operating expenses (on the order of $15-$25 per 
     year). Subscribers to the Artificial Life Journal from
     MIT Press will have this fee waived.

     Once you have an account on, you can
     telnet to "" and login as yourself.

     You do not have to create an account to use the ALBBS via
     telnet - you can simply login as "bbs" and browse through
     the system using the BBS commands. 

     To access the www features in the context of a character
     based client, telnet to and login to the 
     BBS as "lynx".

To access Artificial Life Online using Gopher:

     Connect to (standard gopher port 70).

To access Artificial Life Online via FTP:
     ftp to, login as "anonymous" and 
     type your login at homesite as the password. 

     Everything interesting is in the "pub" directory. 


     Please let us know if you have any suggestions or 
     questions about the Alife Online/BBS system. 

     Send Email to: 

             feedback at

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