IMPORTANT!! - Proposal for a different format for bionet.molbiol.genbank.updates

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Fri Mar 25 20:01:11 EST 1994

Well, fellow net democrats, 24 people responded to my message last
week about distributing just the DEFINITION and ACCESSION lines on the
genbank.updates newsgroup.  23 were in favor but six out of the 23
wanted more info from the annotations.

After reviewing the suggestions, I am leaning towards including all
lines from LOCUS down through the REFERENCE fields.  We will do a few
experiments first to see what kind of volume this creates before
proceeding and may settle for only LOCUS through ORGANISM or less if
the volume is still too high.

Our concern is that this not be a time sink for us if the data flow
gets interrupted.  The old system did not require attention as long as
everything was uninterrupted, but it took time to recover from an
interruption because of the need to feed data back into news in
digestible portions.  We can only continue to maintain this service if
we can recover quickly from interruptions without investing much time.

I also spoke with people at NCBI about taking this over and the
feeling was that it would be best to wait and see whether the revised
format was used extensively first.  We will therefore undertake this
as yet another experiment which may or may not continue in the future.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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