HASSLE 4.1 beta released, need HELP

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Tue Mar 29 20:31:56 EST 1994

                                                   March 28, 1994


The Hierarchical Access System for Sequence Libraries in Europe
(HASSLE) has been released in Version 4.1 as beta version. This 
version is fully compatible with previous 4.0 releases but will 
enhance  performance  and  versatility. In addition to the full 
source code which  is  known to compile well on most platforms, 
end-user friendly binaries  ("INSTANT"  versions - very  little 
configuration needed) are now available for the  following ope-
rating systems: 

	* VAX/VMS with UCX 
	* VAX/VMS with Multinet
	* AXP/VMS with UCX
	* AXP/VMS with Multinet
	* IRIX (4.x, verified on 5.x as well)
	* Sun OS 
	* Solaris 
	* OSF/1 
	* Ultrix

Tools are available  which run the following  services;  mostly 
taylored for GCG type of environments. 

	* FASTA (for VAX/VMS) 
		- will do transparent FASTA searching
	* BLAST (all UNIX and VMS except Solaris) 
		- searches with the BLAST algorithm
	* HFETCH (all platforms) 
		- netwide GCG type fetch
	* MEDFETCH (all platforms) 
		- SRS type gateway, will fetch any medline 
		reference (from Entrez) given as swissprot
		entry. Data are searched outside of Entrez.
	* MOWSE (all platforms) 
		molecular weight searching 
	* SWSEARCH (all platforms) 
		smith and waterman type search 
		profile type searching 

The  following  servers  are  active  at national EMBnet nodes; 
many  thanks  to  all  those  who  volunteered  to have  HASSLE 
providers running (in alphabetical order): 

	* FRANCE (Solaris) BLAST and HFETCH
	* GREECE (Ultrix) BLAST 

There are currently 11 processors running HASSLE providers. The  
following  is the status of the EMBnet's national nodes who run 
CUSTOMER services. To my knowledge, there are 18 living clients 
on a total of  25  installed processors, and some still need to 
be looked at. The data reflect the best of my knowledge, but er-
rors are certainly possible. 

The software and all files are available on nic.switch.ch in the 
mirror/embnet-ch/bioftp-sw/... directories.  The installation is 
straightforward  and  I  would be happy to help anyone who needs 

The load-balancing and fault tolerance was tested with 13 client 
installations operating on 8 servers on wide-area networks. 

The installation of HASSLE at national EMBnet nodes was funded by 
travelling grants from the BRIDGE  Project "Promotion of EMBnet", 
coordinated by Prof. C. Saccone. The  Writing  of HASSLE was sup-
ported by Basel University  and a Grant from the  Swiss  National 
Science Foundation.Hardware support grants from Digital Equipment
and Silicon Graphics are gratefully acknowledged. 



I could need help in porting on operating  system  configurations 
which are not mentioned above;in particular, these are AIX,HP/UX,
the Wollongong  VMS IP  suite and  some  more  candidates. Please 
contact us if you have free resources to spend. 

Secondly, the more servers are out there  the better. If you need 
assistance, or would like to set up an own server but don't dare
doing so, please contact us as well. 


README of HASSLE follows: 

         *                                                         *
         *                      H A S S L E                        * 
         Hierarchical Access System for Sequence Libraries in Europe
         *                                                         *

                   V E R S I O N   4 . x   ,    1 9 9 4 

The HASSLE  protocol  and its associated software modules Customer, Master, 
Responder,  and the local  processing programs ( used collectively with the 
name HASSLE in the following text) in its current Version 4 are copyrighted 
by Biocomputing Basel, and available freely without cost. 

The distribution of the software shall strictly follow the following rules: 
o HASSLE  may  not be sold, as a  whole  or  in  pieces. HASSLE code may be 
    used, adopted,  incorporated in any program package, commercial, share-
    ware or public domain, as long  as the provider of this program package
    makes sure that (a) the HASSLE layer is always up to date with the cur-
    rent HASSLE release version and (b) the incorporation is performed in a 
    fashion that  allows to access the source code, or use HASSLE as provi-
    ded by the original distributor Biocomputing Basel.
o HASSLE may not be used in a  commercial  environment in order to generate 
    profit from services which are accessing the services available via the
    HASSLE protocol. 
o HASSLE may be adopted by  any  service  provider, commercial, non-profit, 
    academic, or  any  other, in the understanding that the provider offers
    services  to the community without charge within the limits of reasona-
    bility. Exceeded limits may not be used as argument to charge  for  the 
    service (see above). 
o HASSLE source code is available for the  current  version  4. In order to 
    keep the communication layer free of trouble,  any  deviation  from the  
    protocol specifications (on port 375) is prohibited. Source code fixes,
    changes, enhancements etc. are most welcome if  documented and communi-
    cated to the  authors. After evaluation, the  changes  will possibly be 
    considered in a new full release version or immediately released as in-
    cremental version if a bug fix is required.  
o HASSLE may be placed on any file server, as long as it is made sure that
    the distribution and documentation are kept up-to-date. 
o HASSLE  customers  and  providers  should always send the registration as 
    distributed with  the  package  in order to be informed and kept up-to-
    date with the development and announcements.

         *                                                         *
         *                      H A S S L E                        * 
         Hierarchical Access System for Sequence Libraries in Europe
         *                                                         *
         *                                                         *
         * This program package has been written starting from '92 *
         * at the Biocomputing Laboratory, University of Basel, by *
         * Reinhard Doelz. Valuable  suggestions from various col- *
         * leagues, including code contributions (as  documented), *
         * allowed to make this code portable, and  running on the *
         * different platforms.  Though it has been a major effort *
         * to make the HASSLE protocol suite and its  tools  work, *
         * no   responsibility  can   be  taken for  errors  which *
         * might occur while running or result from processing the *
         * program's output. The program writing was supported  by *
         * Basel University, and a grant from the  Swiss  National *
         * Science Foundation (NF). The software resembling HASSLE *
         * may be copied and resdistributed only if this statement *
         * is  preserved.  HASSLE  may not, as a whole or in part, *
         * sold or used by commercial institutions to gain  profit *
         * from the services accessed on the basis of academic re- *
         * search. Users should acknowledge  the  program  package *
         * (Doelz, R., Hierarchical  Access  System  for  Sequence *
         * Libraries in Europe (HASSLE): a tool to access sequence *
         * databases  remotely.  Comput-Appl-Biosci. 10(1), 31-35, *
         * 1994)  if  results  to  be published are obtained.  All *
         * software accessed with the system is copyrighted  sepa- * 
         * rately by corresponding vendors and need to be cited in *
         * publications.                                           *

Last, if you read that far, there will be a power outage at the UNIX 
cluster for a couple of hours at Thursday, March 31, 1994 between 7
and 10 am MET because of physical movement of some hardware. 

Note that  the software  mentioned  resembles  Computer  Program(s)  which 
require a license in order to be run unless stated otherwise in  a  state-
ment  codistributed with the software. The use of the program(s) was  men-
tioned  within  a specific problem or example and must not be used to con-
clude that other  software products cannot possibly do a similar job. 

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