STRUCTURAL-NMR/bionet.structural-nmr PASSES: 270 YES to 1 NO

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Thu Mar 31 18:05:41 EST 1994

The STRUCTURAL-NMR/bionet.structural-nmr newsgroup has been approved
by an overwhelming margin: 270 YES against a lone dissenter.  This
group will supersede the current NMR-STR mailing list at

When the bionet.structural-nmr USENET newsgroup and the renamed
str-nmr parallel mailing list are ready for operation, a note will be
posted in BIONEWS/bionet.announce and to the NMR-STR list.  Please do
not request subscriptions until that time.

IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE NMR-STR LIST, you will be automatically
added to the mailing list for the new group.  If you have access to
the USENET newsgroup (the superior way to participate), instructions
for canceling your e-mail subscription will also be included in the
forthcoming announcement.

Best wishes for a successful newsgroup!


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

Proposal to establish STRUCTURAL-NMR/bionet.structural-nmr:  

e-mail address:       str-nmr at
                      str-nmr at

Discussion leader: 

               Department of Biochemistry
	       University of Texas Health Science Center
	       7703 Floyd Curl Dr.,
	       San Antonio, TX 78284-7760

	       Tel:  (210) 567 - 6623
	       Fax:  (210) 567 - 6595
               Internet:  raman at

Newsgroup charter:

Structural-NMR is a forum for all those interested in studying three
dimensional structure of macromolecules using Nuclear Magnetic
Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR).  Prior to 1982, the complex NMR spectra
of biological macromolecules were interpreted on the basis that their
structure in solution was the same as that obtained from X-ray
crystallography. In the last 10 years, there have been astonishing
developments in instrumentation and methodology, which have enormously
increased the power of NMR.  The most notable application comes from
studies of conformations and interactions of biological macromolecules
with the advent of multi-dimensional NMR techniques.  The field of
structural NMR is growing so rapidly that it necessitates the creation
of a newsgroup to communicate and disseminate the information gathered
by researchers all over the world.

I propose the formation of a newsgroup called
"STRUCTURAL-NMR/bionet.structural-nmr" to initiate dialogue between
scientists whose interests comprise the following:

*** determination of solution and solid state structure of
    macromolecules (Protein, Nucleic Acids, etc.,) using NMR methods.

*** identifying novel NMR methods to improve the quality of information

*** development of computational methods to aid in NMR data processing
    and analyses.

*** techniques involved in NMR sample preparation and/or characterization.

*** hardware availability, development and troubleshooting.  

Formation of a newsgroup will provide:

*** a forum for discussion of new ideas and recent developments in the various
    disciplines impinging on the field.

*** a source of information for both novice and experienced participants.

*** bulletin board for announcements of meetings, funding sources and job

*** means for initiating collaboration among participants.

*** announcement of availability of novel reagents and other materials.

*** a repository of practical advice and other information, including advances
    in relevant methodology.

The newsgroup is expected to run unmoderated and I am willing to act as
the current coordinator.

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