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Tue May 17 19:19:23 EST 1994

The EarthWeb Project     
Interest Query

Please respond by email immediately.

We are currently developing a new free global worldwide web 
(WWW) server domain dedicated to the full range of urgent 
environmental issues, called EarthWeb. 

Let me know ASAP if you are interested.

The EarthWeb project will provide a vital new hypertext-based link 
between environmental group memberships, students, researchers, 
government agencies, scientists, and engineers with environmental 
databases, statistics, projects, programs, and information from 
around the world:

 > Free unlimited access (through Internet)
 > Issues hosted by non-profit environmental and professional groups
 > Funding based on PBS style corporate & foundation sponsorship.
 > Hypertext and multimedia support 
 > HyperLinks to other WWW and FTP servers
 > Gateways (proposed) for EcoNet, AOL, Compuserve users
 > Links to all environmental Usenet newsgroups
 > An Open Forum for environmental discussion and debate
 > A nexus of connections to researchers, key people, users
 > Quick, easy access to Governmental and NGO information
 > Free server file space for host environmental groups' data

The Following is a current list of EarthWeb's Key Issue Hubs, modeled 
around the Agenda 21 issues formulated at the 1992 UN Earth Summit:

 . EarthWeb Connections                . Earth Status, Events & Crises
 . Population & The Quality of Life    . Air, Atmosphere & Climate Change
 . Oceans & Living Seas                . Freshwater, Rivers & Wetlands
 . Biodiversity & Endangered Species   . Land Use & Fragile Ecosystems
 . Energy Resources & Alternatives     . Consumption, Waste & Recycling
 . Toxic Chemicals & Hazardous Waste   . Nuclear Power, Weapons, & Waste
 . Sustainable Economic Development    . The Ecological Perspective
 . EarthWeb Resources (Catalog)

If you have a minute, please let us know your area of focus, whether you 
are from government, education, NGO, or private industry, and what 
project(s) you are currently involved in.

We don't yet, but will soon have a UseNet newsgroup (look for 
alt.earthweb, or possibly env.earthweb). Also let us know if you want 
subscribe to the discussion list. For more information:

Dan Hinckley                     email: hinckley at
The EarthWeb Project             voice: 303.642.7330
204 Divide View Drive            fax: 303.642.7330
Golden, CO 80403

Dan Hinckley                  The EarthWeb Project
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