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Tue May 24 12:21:49 EST 1994

MedSearch America is Online 

MedSearch America, the only national healthcare employment 
network, has finally come to the Internet.  

Standard services to Healthcare Job Seekers are free of charge.

-->To Access MSA TYPE "gopher 9001" at your
     Internet Prompt.  

-->Or, from Online Career Center, choose "Other Employment Databases" 
    and select MedSearch America.

MSA Offers Healthcare/Biotech Job Seeking Internauts the following 

1) FREE RESUME UPLOADING, Coding and Posting in our Online 
   Resume Database for a Nationwide Audience of Healthcare 

2) Free Access to our Online NATIONWIDE HEALTHCARE JOB 
   LISTINGS (supplied by Member Employers and respected 3rd party   

3) FREE ONLINE ARTICLES contributed by Nationally known Career 
   and Healthcare Career Authors and Columnists;

4) Healthcare EMPLOYER PROFILES Online;

5) CAREER RESOURCES:  Listings of Software, Books and other media 
   that can assist you with your Healthcare Job Search.

MSA, Inc. is sustained by Healthcare employer participation and 

If you have any questions, comments, etc. you may E-mail MedSearch 
America at "office at".

*This message will be posted in various healthcare and job forums whose
 users might benefit from this free service.  

*This is a repost from 2 weeks ago intended for those who have heard
about MedSearch America, but no longer have this post in their news-
group and may not have full Internet access.   

Services to Non-Internet users is also available.

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