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Thu Nov 3 06:26:42 EST 1994

Attached is the LaTeX file containing the schedule for Friday's
miniworkshop at DIMACS.  All talks are probably shorter than we
would like, due to the large number of speakers.  However, 
remember that the emphasis of the meeting (with the possible
exception of the major survey-oriented biological talks) is on
the presentation of open problems rather than on past successes.

Speakers should plan on ending their talks approximately 5 minutes
before the next talk, if one immediately follows, in order to leave
time for questions, discussion, and a short break.

The problem session is scheduled at 5:00.  In order that the
workshop have a continuing impact on this area, we intend to collect
and publish a problem list.  We ask people who present problems
in their lectures or at the problem session to give them to us in
writing (or by email) either during or soon after the workshop.

Following a pizza dinner at DIMACS (including beer and anchovies?), the 
evening session will start at 7:00pm.  If you cannot stay for the dinner, 
please let Pat Toci know (toci at, so that we can order 
the right amount of food.

%%%%%Program Schedule for DIMACS Nov. 4, 1994, Workshop
%%%LaTeX file
%%%by Jerry Griggs    griggs at

{\em DIMACS Computational Molecular Biology Year}
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{\large\bf  Combinatorial Structures in Molecular Biology} \\
 DIMACS, Rutgers University, CoRE Building 431,  November 4,  1994
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{\bf Program Committee:} \\
{\footnotesize   J. Griggs (chair), T. Havel, R. Shamir, T. Smith, P. Winkler} 
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%{\footnotesize  (Preliminary Program)} 


8:15 a.m. \> Registration and  Coffee in Room 401 \\ % in DRB 251\\

8:50 a.m. \> {\bf Opening Session}   \\ 
    \>  {\bf  Fred Roberts,} Department of Mathematics and DIMACS, Chair of Special Year \\
   \>  {\bf Jerrold Griggs,} Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina
and Workshop Chair \\ \\ 

\>  {\bf  Session I} (chair: J. Griggs) \\ 

9:00 a.m. \> {\bf Temple F. Smith,} Director, Biomolecular Engineering
Research Center, Boston University\\
	  \> {\sl A Survey of the Threading Approach to Inverse Protein} \\
9:50 a.m. \> {\bf Michael S. Waterman,} Departments of Mathematics and
Molecular Biology, University of Southern California \\
	\> {\sl Global Alignment Score Distributions:
What We Don't Know}\\

10:10 a.m. \> {\bf Peter Winkler,} AT\&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill\\
	\> {\sl Generating Random Genomes}\\ 

10:35 a.m  \> {\bf Coffee Break} \\ \\

\>  {\bf  Session II} (chair: M. Waterman) \\ 

11:00 a.m. \> {\bf Timothy F.\ Havel,} Harvard Medical School \\
	\> {\sl Where the Discrete Meets the Continuous:  
A Survey of Ckombinatorial Problems in Molecular Biology}\\

11:30 a.m. \> {\bf Dan Gusfield,} Department of Computer Science,
 University of California at Davis \\
	\> {\sl A (Very) Short Tour of Discrete Phenomena in Molecular Biology}\\

11:50 a.m. \> {\bf Valerie King,} Department of Computer Science,
University of Victoria\\
	\> {\sl Computing the $nni$ Distance Between Two Trees:  Some Observations}\\

12:10 p.m. \> {\bf Pavel Pevzner,} Department of Computer Science and
Engineering, Pennsylvania State University\\
	\> {\sl Towards DNA Sequencing Chips}\\ \\

12:30 p.m.  \> {\bf Lunch at DIMACS} \\ \\

\>  {\bf  Session III} (chair: D. Kleitman) \\ 

1:50 p.m. \> {\bf Stephen B Maurer,} Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
Swarthmore College\\
	\> {\sl A Minimum Cycle Problem from Bacterial DNA Research}\\

2:10 p.m. \> {\bf David Sankoff,} Centre de Recherches Math{\accent19 e}matiques,
Universit{\accent19 e} de Montr{\accent19 e}al\\
	\> {\sl Topics on Tree Invariants}\\

2:40 p.m. \> {\bf Ron Shamir,} Department of Computer Science,
Tel Aviv University \\
	\> {\sl Bounded-Width Graphs and DNA Maps}\\

3:10 p.m. \> {\bf Sampath Kannan,} Department of Computer Science,
University of Pennsylvania \\
	\> {\sl Modeling Noise in Distance-Based Phylogeny Reconstruction}\\ 

3:25 p.m.  \> {\bf Coffee Break} \\ \\

\>  {\bf  Session IV} (chair: T. Havel) \\ 

3:50 p.m. \> {\bf Michael Zuker,} Institute for Biomedical Computing,
Washington University \\
	\> {\sl Algorithms and Unsolved Problems in RNA Secondary Structure

4:20 p.m. \> {\bf Nathan Linial,} Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University \\
	\> {\sl Clustering of Protein Sequences}\\

4:40 p.m. \> {\bf J. Ne\v set\v ril and P. Pancoska,} Department of Applied
Mathematics, Charles University, Prague, and\\ 
        \> Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago\\
	\> {\sl Application of Graph Theory in Practical Problems of Protein 
	Folding}\\ \\

5:00 p.m. \> {\bf PROBLEM SESSION} (chair: P. Winkler)\\ \\
5:30 p.m.  \> {\bf Dinner at DIMACS}  \\ \\

\>  {\bf  Session V} (chair: R. Shamir) \\ 

7:00 p.m. \> {\bf F. R. McMorris,} Department of Mathematics,
University of Louisville\\
	\> {\sl Taxonomic Character Compatibility Analysis 
(AKA the Perfect Phylogeny Problem)}\\

7:40 p.m. \> {\bf Zevi Miller,} Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
Miami University\\
	\> {\sl Phylogeny and the Steiner Problem in the Hypercube}\\

8:00 p.m. \> {\bf Chi Wang,} Department of Mathematics,
University of Louisville\\
	\> {\sl Heuristics for Interval Subgraphs}\\

8:20 p.m. \> {\bf William H. E. Day,} Port Maitland, Nova Scotia \\
	\> {\sl Characterizing Consensus Results for Molecular Sequence}\\

8:40 p.m. \> {\bf Conclusion and Farewell}   \\ 

\> {\bf REGISTRATION:  Contact  Workshop Coordinator  Pat Toci at toci at } \\


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