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Manager of the "Vascular Biology" list VascularBiologyManager at
Tue Nov 8 20:13:23 EST 1994

[Note from the moderator - this list is a non-BIOSCI list and is
separate from the recent BIOSCI group bionet.biology.cardiovascular.]

Dear colleague,
I'm pleased to inform you that a new Internet discussion list will start
its activities soon. Please accept this invitation to take part
in our informal discussions on Vascular Biology Forum List. This is an
international forum for discussing scientific, educational, organizational
and other aspects related to vascular biology (physiology, pathology,
immunology, pharmacology, developmental biology). In particular,
we would like this to be a forum in which people can ask questions of
the group and get responses (e.g. "Does anyone know of good
antibodies which work immunocytochemically to detect T cells and
monocytes in rabbit tissues? I working on a rabbit model of
transplant arteriosclerosis."). Additionally, announcements or
suggestions for upcoming meetings can be placed on the system. In general, we 
hope to generate much interesting and livelyconversation among us, in a manner 
far easier than trying to reachour busy selves on the telephone. Fellows are 
obviously alsoencouraged to participate.
To subscribe to the list send the "SUBSCRIBE (your first &  last name)"
command (example: "subscribe Bob Smith") in the text  to the following
address: VascularBiologyManager at You'll be listed at the
address from which you send this request. If you'd like to be listed at
another address, put it after the "SUBSCRIBE (your first & last name)"
line.  Please feel free to forward this message to any of  your interested
colleagues. Hope to see many of you at the upcoming Am. Heart
Association Meeting.
Dr. David Gordon, Scientific Coordinator of Vascular Biology Forum List

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