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Fri Nov 11 20:13:00 EST 1994

Adis International, one of the world's leading publishers of
independent and evaluated information about all aspects of drugs and
drug therapy, are pleased to announce that the cumulative Table of
Contents from all their International Review Journals can be viewed
either via or  The cumulative table of contents
beginning with January 1994 issues and updated monthly, is designed to
assist busy healthcare workers and researcher:

	*Easily find the articles they need
	*Download, store and printout contents for distribution to
	  departments or students 
	*In referencing and indexing

Journals with contents listed include:

Drugs. Evaluations of Drugs and Drug Therapy

A journal designed to promote rational drug therapy. Since it's launch
in 1971 it remains the world's most definitive source of evaluative
drug reviews.

Clinical Pharmacokinetics. Evaluating Pharmacokinetics for Drug Therapy

The definitive review journal providing clinically relevant
pharmacokinetic knowledge to aid in the delivery of rational drug

Drugs & Aging. Evaluations of Drug Therapy in Older Patients 

The journal designed to assist in promoting the rational and safe use
of drugs in older patients.

Drug Safety. Evaluations of Adverse Drug Experience

The definitive review journal designed to assist in the correct, safe
utilisation of today's drugs. Provides review articles on all aspects
of drug safety and epidemiology.

PharmacoEconomics. Economic Evaluations of Drug Therapy

A review journal promoting the development and study of health
economics as applied to rational drug therapy. Explains the principles
and methodologies of pharmacoeconomics and quality-of-life studies and
contains the world's leading evaluations of drugs and diseases.

CNS Drugs. The Clinical Review Journal of Drugs and Therapeutics in
Psychiatry and Neurology

Contains reviews covering all the clinical aspects of psychiatric and
neurological pharmacology. Provides guides to therapy and optimum use
of newer and established agents.

Clinical Immunotherapeutics. The Clinical Review Journal of
Immunopharmacology and Immunotherapeutics

Contains reviews covering all the clinical aspects of
immunopharmacology and immune disorder treatments. Articles evaluating
the clinical use of immunomodulating agents and cytokines are a major

Sports Medicine. Evaluations of Research in Exercise Science and
Sports Medicine.

The world's primary source of comprehensive reviews of the latest
research in applied medicine and science in sport and exercise.

Also available is a discussion document that will be updated routinely
covering important issues in pharmacology, therapeutics, healthcare,
pharmacoeconomics andrug research and development and drug safety.

Please start communication today.

You can leave a message, request a sample copy of any listed journal,
or a copy of the relevant articles or simply ask a question.

Alternatively, please leave suggestions as to thetype of drug
information you would like to see made available.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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