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Fri Nov 11 20:13:18 EST 1994

I would like to announce a new Internet discussion list that went online 
Nov. 1 1994.  The listserv PLANT_TC is an international forum for 
discussing scientific, educational, organizational and other aspects 
relatedto PLANT TISSUE CULTURE (physiology, pathology, micropropagation,
secondary products, transformation, developmental biology, etc).This is a 
forum in which people can ask questions of the group and getresponses (e.g. 
"Does anyone know of any technique to prevent precipatationin MS liquid 
media?"). Additionally, announcements or suggestions for upcomingmeetings 
can be placed on the system.

To subscribe send mail to:listserv at                   
                   (make sure it's vm1 (one) not l (the letter))

Don't put any text in the subject area.  Your message sould just be:
                        sub plant-tc YOUR NAME

That's it.  No need to add an e-mail address as the listserv picks that up 
automatically.  You should then get notification that you have subscribed 
and information from the U of MN listserv postmaster on how to send
messages to the PLANT-TC list for distribution to all its' members.  Please 
feel free to forward this message to any of your interested colleagues.
Mark Galatowitsch, PLANT-TC list coordinator

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