Need large, intact human genomic DNA clones?

Ung-Jin Kim ung at
Wed Nov 16 19:56:53 EST 1994

For those of you who would like to obtain human genomic DNA pieces 
in the form of stable, easily manipulated clones in E. coli hosts,
a BAC (Bacterial Artificial Chromosome) library is available. 

Average insert size of the library is about 125 kb, and the library
covers more than 90% of human genome. The clones are stably propagated
as a recombinant F-factor in a recombination-deficient E. coli host 
strain. The library can be screened by almost any kind of probes including
cDNA, oligos, other genomic clones (plasmid, cosmid, lambda, YAC etc).

We will screen the library to find out BAC clones covering the regions
of your intesrest, and if necessary, will also develop contig maps that
depict overlap-relationships among the clones covering the same loci.
All it takes will be a letter of collaboration.
Interested party should contact:

Ung-Jin Kim
Division of Biology,
147-75 Caltech,
Pasadena, CA 91125

(818)395-4901 (office)
(818)395-4154 (laboratory)
(818)796-7066 (fax)
ung at

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