TIBS/bionet.journals.letters.tibs PASSES: 105 YES to 6 NO

David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Mon Nov 21 13:22:26 EST 1994

I am pleased to announce that the proposal to create
TIBS/bionet.journals.letters.tibs passed by a vote of 105 YES to 6 NO.

An announcement will be made in this forum when the newsgroup is ready
for use.  E-mail users, please do not request e-mail subscriptions
before that time.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

Proposal to establish TIBS/bionet.journals.letters.tibs

Proposed USENET name:       bionet.journals.letters.tibs   (MODERATED)

Moderator address:          tibs-moderator at net.bio.net

Proposed mailing list name: TIBS

Proposed email addresses:   tibs at net.bio.net
                            tibs at daresbury.ac.uk

Moderators:        	    Jo McEntyre
                            Trends in Biochemical Sciences
                            Elsevier Trends Journals
                            68 Hills Road
                            UK CB2 1LA

                            Phone: [44] 223 315961
                            Fax: [44] 223 464430
                            TIBS at elsevier.co.uk

			    David Kristofferson
                            BIOSCI/bionet Manager
			    biosci-help at net.bio.net

Newsgroup character:

The TIBS/bionet.journals.letters.tibs newsgroup will be used to
encourage feedback and discussion on articles published previously in
the hardcopy issue of "Trends in Biochemical Sciences."  It will, in
essence, serve as an electronic "Letters to the Editor" and a
discussion forum.  This will be a moderated newsgroup, and all
contributions will be reviewed by Jo McEntyre at TIBS prior to
posting.  Contributions to this newsgroup may be considered for
publication in a future issue of TIBS.

To enable the readers to follow the discussion on the newsgroup more
easily, i.e., to make the forum reasonably self-contained, the
moderators encourage prospective contributors to briefly introduce the
section of the TIBS article they wish to discuss (including the
article reference) as part of their post.

The purpose of the moderation process in this group will be primarily
to filter out messages that might be construed as personal attacks, so
we do not expect issues of censorship to arise.  Nevertheless, the
moderators also remind prospective participants that an unmoderated
BIOSCI newsgroup, JRNLNOTE/bionet.journals.note, can be used to
discuss issues about any journal without editorial intervention.  TIBS
bears no responsibility for opinions posted to that newsgroup.

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