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Sat Oct 1 15:43:05 EST 1994

The Asian Regional Conference on Ecotechnology for Sustainable Development
(20-26th Oct) is extended to you via the listserv mailing list ET-CHINA.
Papers will be presented on topics related to ecotechnology and integrated
systems for sustainable aquaculture, biotechnology, forestry, farming,
villages and cities. The list will provide you with guidelines for your
participation, information on its program and activities, abstracts,
reports from field trips and workshops, etc. 

A full list of titles of papers will be posted to mailing list :- ET-ANN 
next week.

ET-CHINA will allow you to interact with the authors nd discuss their 
papers, comment on reports and follow discussions.

To join ET-ANN or ET-CHINA, email listserv at and write the 

SUB listname yourname (organization)

SUB ET-CHINA Mike Simpson (Uni Stockholm)

From: (Mr) Eng-Leong Foo, Unesco Microbial Resources Center, Karolinska
Inst. S-171 77 Stockholm, Sweden. phone:  +46-8-7287145;  Fax: 46-8-331547
Email: at

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