SYMPOSIUM - Seed Plant Origin and Systematics

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   ***   Seed Plant origins and Systematics - Symposium and Workshop   ***
                      Stockholm 24-25 November 1994

Arranged by: Swedish Museum of Natural History and The Bergius
               Foundation, Stockholm.

**24 Nov. 9.00 - 17.00: Symposium Seed Plant Origin and Systematics - Rudolf**
**Florin's contributions viewed from a modern perspective.**

Rudolf Florin (1894-1965) worked in Stockholm from 1918 at the Swedish
Museum of Natural History. Later he bacame Proffessor at the Bergius
Botanical Garden. He is considered a most important person within plant
systematics. The purpose of the meeting (Symposium) is to give a general
presentation of Florin's research and illustate the importance of his
evolutionary theories on modern systematic research.
A number of prominent researchers are invited to contribute to this goal.

The symposium will be held at the Royal Academy of Sience, Frescati (Lilla
Frescativdgen 4A), Stockholm SWEDEN

Prelimanary program:

*Prof. B.Nordenstam:   Introduction and welcome address.
*Prof. E.M.Friis:      Florin's contribution to seed plant phylogeny.
*Prof. G.Rothwell:     The earliest record of seed plants.
*Dr. P.Kenrick:        Relationships among seed plants and pteridophytes.
*Prof. H.Kerp:         Cone structure and homologies in early coniferopsids.
*Prof. P.B.Thomlinson: Functional morphology of cones and pollen in Coniferales
*Prof. R.Stockey:      Conifer morphology and systematics: connection with other
                        seed plants.
*Prof. J.A.Doyle:      Homologies and reproductive structures in angiosperms and
                        other seed plants.
*Dr. V.Albert:         Molecular evidence for reproductive evolution in seed
*Prof. B.Jonsell:      Conclusion - Florin as a horticulturer.

**25 Nov. 10.00 - 17.00: Workshoop: Seed plant origin and systematics - **
**Homologies of cones, flowers and other reproductive structures**

The workshoop will be held at the National History Museum in Stockholm
(filmroom, Frescativdgen 40.)

The workshoop includes somewhat more specialized lectures and the
discussion will focus on homologies of cone, flower and reproductive
structures. Lectures will be given by Dr. V.Albert, Prof. J.A.Doyle, Dr.
P.Kenrick, Prof. H.Kerp, Prof. G.Rothwell, Prof. R.Stockey, Prof.
P.B.Thomlinson, Prof. E.M.Friis and Raunsgaard Pedersen. Chairman of the
workshoop is Prof. K.Bremer.

Detailed information on the symposium/workshoop can be recieved from
Kamlesh Khullar, (Tel: +46 8 6664154, Fax: +46 8 6664221, e-mail:
pb-kamlesh at

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