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Leland Ellis leland at straylight.tamu.edu
Tue Oct 11 15:48:02 EST 1994

A new experimental biodiversity WWW site, "Texas Plant Diversity", is
now available via the Home Page of the Texas A&M University Plant
Diversity Information Center (PDIC), at this URL:


This informatics resource is an effort by Texas A&M University faculty
to explore problems associated with data presentation from differing
sources of information.  The site includes searchable data resources
derived from collections (TAMU Herbarium), broad-based
floristic/taxonomic data resources (The Checklist of the Vascular
Plants of Texas), and available information on critical/endangered
taxa (Texas Organization of Endangered Species).

The Texas A&M PDIC is a collaborative effort by the:

W.M. Keck Center for Genome Informatics (Leland Ellis) 
Department of Biology (Hugh Wilson) 
Department of Rangeland Ecology and Management (Stephan Hatch) 
Texas Organization for Endangered Species (TOES) 

Comments and suggestions are most welcome to:

leland at straylight.tamu.edu
h-wilson at tamu.edu


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