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    *       September 5-8, 1995  in Prague, Czech Republic        *
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World Conference Medical Biotechnology towards  the Millenium is an
international meeting,  organized  by  the  3rd  Medical Faculty of
Charles University in Prague, Biocon Ltd. and partially supported by 
governmental  and  non-governmental  organizations. This conference 
serves  as  a  multi-disciplinary  forum  for the  dissemination of 
information on  the  research,  development and applications on all 
topics related to medical biotechnology.

We invite you cordially to attend the Conference and submit proposals 
for papers,  panels and demonstrations/posters. All proposals will be
reviewed for inclusion to the conference program.

                Scientific Program

      The preliminary program outlines are as follows:

  * impact of the modern biotechnology to medicine
  * research development and research tools
  * diseases of important socio-economic impact
  * overlapping of medical biotechnology with other fields of biotechnology

  * gene therapy
  * advanced informatics in medicine
  * new drugs and antibiotics
  * diagnostics
  * artificial organs
  * futuristic aspects (ageing, neurobiomedicine, cancer, AIDS, vaccines)

   * link between fundamental research and medical applications
   * political and economic aspects of medical biotechnology
   * legal and social aspects of medical biotechnology

                   Date, Venue and Language

The Conference Medical Biotechnology toward the Millenium (MBTM) will
be held from 5-8 September 1995 at the Hotel Atrium, Prague, Czech Republic.
The official language of the Conference will be English.

            Information for Presenters

Details of presentation formats are given on the following pages.
The general principles applying to all are:

o  All communication will be with the principal presenters who are
   responsible for communicating with co-presenters of a particular session.
o  The conference will attempt to provide with all equipments needed for
   presenters.  However, where special equipment is needed, presenters may
   be asked to provide their own.
o  All presenters must pay the registration fee.

Accepted papers will be publishedin proceedings. In addition, selected papers may be
invited for publication in the topics-related Journals and/or in a book
to be published by a major international publisher.

Exhibits  are  expected  to  be  an  integral  part of the conference.
The  exhibition  will  give  companies and  research institutions the
opportunity  to  present  their  activities, specific  know  how  and
biotechniology products associated with the issues of the Conference.
Companies or institutions interested are invited to complete and return
the Request for Information form below.


  * Prof.C.Hoeschl,M.D., Chairman
    Dean of the 3rd Medical Faculty, Charles University, Czech Republic

  * Dombal, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

  * Prof.L.Ernster, Stockholm University, Sweden

  * Prof.D.Loisance, Faculte de Medicine, Creteil, France

  * Dr.V.Lungagnani, ASSOBIOTEC, Italy

  * Prof.J.F.Martin, Universidad de Leon, Spain

  * Dr.P.Patel, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

  * Prof.E.Skamene, McGill University, Canada

  * Doc.M.Jira, M.D., Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

  * Dr.Weigl, Olomouc University, Czech Republic

                  TECHNICAL PROGRAM

The Technical Program includes a wide range of interesting and useful
activities designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information.
These include keynote and invited talks, full and short paper
presentations, demonstrations, poster sessions and panel discussions.

Papers (25 minutes)
Papers present reports of significant work or integrative reviews in
research, development, and applications related to medical biotechnologies.

Submissions: Papers should include a cover page and an extended
abstract of at least 2500 words or should be submitted as full paper of not over
words (4-8 pages). The cover page should include the title of the paper
with names of each author, their affiliations, complete addresses, phone
numbers, and suggested conference topic area(s).  Papers may be submitted
in either hard copy (send 5 copies) or by FAX or in electronic form.
Electronic proposals are preferred and MUST BE pure ASCII
text.  Final versions of accepted papers must be submitted in photo-
reproducible form according to specifications available upon acceptance and
will have a length of 4-8 pages. Final papers also submitted as ASCII,
will also be published on a CD-ROM.

Each full paper will be presented in a 25-minute session. This includes 5
minutes for discussion.

Short Papers (15 minutes)
Short papers are brief, more condensed presentations and will be published
as 1 page in the conference proceedings volume.  Use above Full Paper
submission guidelines except submission length should be 2-6 pages.

Panels ( 1.5 hours)
A panel offers an opportunity for 3-5 people to present their views or
results on a common theme, issue, or question. Panels should cover timely
topics related to the conference areas of interest. Panel selection will be
based on the importance, originality, focus and timeliness of the topic;
expertise of proposed panelists; as well as the potential for informative
(and even controversial) discussion. Panels should have no more than 5
members, including the chair. A panel summary and position statements will
be included in the proceedings.

Submissions: Panel proposals should include:

- A brief position statement and qualifications of each panelist; no more
  than 1 page each.

A cover sheet should include the panel title, panelists' names and
affiliations, and the panel organizer's name, affiliation, address, e-mail
address, Fax and phone number. Electronic proposals are preferred and
must be in ASCII format.

Submit to:
MBTM Secretariat, Minska 9, 101 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic
attn.Dr.Beata Lejtnarova
Phone:  +42-2-725469, +42-2-7248356
Fax:    +42-2-724417
E-mail: mbtm at

Demonstration/Poster sessions enable researchers and non-commercial
developers to demonstrate and discuss their latest results and development
in progress in order to gain feedback and to establish contact with similar
projects. Demonstration/Poster sessions do not involve a formal
presentation but will be included in the proceedings.

Submissions: Demonstration/Poster proposals should include a 2-3 page
written description of the planned demonstration/poster and should
emphasize the problem; what was done, and why the work is important. The
proposal should make clear the advantages of presenting the material in the
form of a demonstration/poster rather than a paper. The cover page should
include the session title with presenter names, affiliations, complete
addresses, phone and FAX numbers of the principal presenter.
Electronic proposals are preferred and must be in ASCII format.

Submit to:
MBTM Secretariat, Minska 9, 101 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic
attn.Dr.Beata Lejtnarova
Phone: +42-2-725469, +42-2-7248356
Fax:   +42-2-724417
E-mail: mbtm at

             About Prague - the Capital of Czech Republic

The Conference  will  be held  in  Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic
situated in the very heart of Europe.  Prague  is one of  the most beautiful
cities in the world,  it is  one of the biggest  administrative and economic
points in Central Europe. Prague  is also the  heart of  the most  important
political, cultural and scientific events going on in this area.

The " Golden city "  provides the visitors with innumerable opportunities to
enjoy their stay with all  the conveniences  they are looking for. There are
plenty of places of interest such as galleries, museums,historical buildings,
parks and gardens and also a wide choice of cultural events.

The City also offers fine restaurants and many shops of high quality. There
is a possibility to make  a day trip to the castles Karlstejn and Konopiste
and to see Prague's  surroundings and beautiful Czech countryside.

Prague  has  an  international  airport  and  is  connected  with almost all
the European countries. There are daily flights to and from most of European
capitals and other cities. There exist  rapid railway connections to Prague,
with a  typical  3  hour travel time from the borders of the Czech Republic.
By car it is possible to reach Prague by E12, E14 and E15 motorway routes.


The hotel Atrium is a modern four star hotel located very close to the centre
of the City. It  can  offer to its visitors  nice reastaurants, bars, fitness
centre and other sport facilities including an inner swimming-pool.
English is used as the main communication language there.

For more information on Prague turn to:

MBTM Secretariat, Minska 9, 101 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic
attn.Dr.Beata Lejtnarova
Phone : +42-2-725469, +42-2-7248356
Fax :   +42-2-724417
E-mail: mbtm at


       |       Congress Deadlines (postmark dates)           |
       |                                                     |
       |   Submissions Due:              March 31, 1995      |
       |   Authors Notified:             May 15, 1995        |
       |   Pre-Registration Deadline:    June 30, 1995       |
       |   Post-registration Fee:        after June 30, 1995 |

                  REGISTRATION FEES
    The  registration  fee will be $ 600 before  July 1, 1995;  it will
include admission to all scientific sessions, the commercial exhibition,
copy of the final programme and  the  abstract book,  the Proceedings of
the Conference, work lunches, and welcome and farewell parties.

    Students will be eligible for a reduced rates at $ 450.

    After July 1,1995, the fees will be $ 680 (full registration) and $ 500
    (student registration).

    Limited  amount  of  fellowships will be available for participants from
technically-emerged countries of Central and Eastern Europe countries or NIS.
Application for the above mentioned fellowships must include:

    * C.V. of the applicant (incl. list of publications etc.)
    * references if applicable
    * estimated support requested (in US $)

The  applications  should  reach  the  Conference   Secretariat   before
January 31, 1995. The review Commitee will notify succesfull  applicants
before April 30, 1995. The required documents should be send in 5 copies,
Faxed, or e-mailed (in ASCII) to:

MBTM Conference Secretariat
attn. Dr. Beata Lejtnarova
Minska 9, 101 00 Praha 10
Phone: +42-2-725469, +42-2-7248356
Fax:   +42-2-724417
E-mail: mbtm at

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                   INFORMATION REQUEST

To receive future Conference announcements, please complete this form
and return to the address below.

  Name: _________________________________________________________

  Address: ______________________________________________________


  City/State/Code: ______________________________________________

  Country: ______________________________________________________

  Fax:  _________________________________________________________

  E-Mail: _______________________________________________________

Please send me:
 __  Conference registration form and further information
 __  Proceedings order
 __  Information for Exhibitor/Sponsor 
 --  Information calendar of 3rd MF of Charles University in Prague

Return to: MBTM Conference Secretariat
         Minska 9
         Praha 10, 101 00, Czech Republic
Fax: +42-2-724417
E-mail: mtbm at

Would you prefer to be sent to you:
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