Insects and Arthropods Wanted

BUGMAN23 bugman23 at
Thu Oct 13 21:30:26 EST 1994

The Philadelphia Insectarium is a combination museum and arthropod
zoo.  We currently maintain over 100 live species of insects and
arachnids.  We are interesting in obtaining livestock of any showy
arthropod species, but ideally species we can keep in culture.  We are
especially interested in obtaining stick insects, phasmids,
coloeptera, lepidoptera, large myriapods, blattodea, mantodea, and
hemiptera.  Can buy or trade for our livestock.

				Anthony Pietrak and Roger Ricco
				Bugman23 at
				The Philadelphia Insectarium
				8046 Frankford Ave.
				Phila, PA  19136

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