IMPORTANT - BIOSCI/Internet Seminar Tour to PA, NJ, DE, MD, and DC

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Mon Oct 24 17:51:24 EST 1994

I will be leaving in another week on the third of four BIOSCI/Internet
seminar trips this year.  This trip will be to the mid-Atlantic states
and the final trip, in late November/early December, will be to the

Details for the first week of the trip follow.  I will be posting the
second week's talks a bit later when a few final details are wrapped

Nov 2: Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 618 Scaife Hall, 4 PM.

Nov 3: Penn. State Univ. at Univ. Park, 108 Wartik Lab, 2:30 PM

Nov 4: Hershey Medical Center, Biochemistry Library room C5702, 12 PM

Talks the following week will be in Camden, NJ, Wilmington, DE,
Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC.  Details will follow later.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

Talk Abstract:

The seminar will cover the use of facilities on the Internet and
connected networks for communicating with biologists worldwide
including e-mail, USENET electronic newsgroups, WAIS, WAISMAIL,
Gopher, and Mosaic/WWW.  The network, especially USENET newsgroups,
offers access to expertise in experimental methods and ideas in a
variety of research specialties as well as to forums for employment
opportunities, current bibliographic information, funding agency
announcements, and other information.

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