Macintosh BLAST Client

Will Gilbert Will.Gilbert at
Tue Oct 25 17:16:10 EST 1994

The lastest version of the "Macintosh BLAST Client" (v 1.8) is
available from two sites via Anonymous FTP.  Other redistributors are

Both sites have the distribution as BinHex (.hqx) and MacBinary (.bin)

This is not an effort of the NCBI and they should not be contacted if
their are problems with the application.  End users are, however,
required to register their internet subnets with the NCBI into get
access to these BLAST services.  If you are currently using Network
Entrez then you are already registered.

The Macintosh BLAST Client was formerly distrubuted from the Whitehead
Institute at MIT.  This client was not developed with nor is supported
bt  any federal or state funds.  It is done for sole purpose of
providing Macintosh users with access to Internet resources.  It is
distributed as "Thank-you ware". Use by the for-profit sector is
encouraged. Contact the author at the address below for help with
connecting to in-house BLAST servers.

Will Gilbert
Department of Biochemsitry and
   Molecular Biology
College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824

E-mail: Will.Gilbert at

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