Symposium on Virus Assembly - Marrakech

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Tue Sep 13 00:13:48 EST 1994

*	Symposium on Virus Assembly 			     *	
*	Marrakech, 					     *	
*	Morocco from Saturday 8th (arrival) to Thursday 13th April 1995

The symposium will include the following subjects: 

*	Three-dimensional structures and analyses of viruses and viral proteins by X-ray 
	crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy and NMR etc;
*	Virus assembly pathways and morphogenesis;
*	The role of protein processing (proteolytic cleavage, glycosylation, post-
	translational modification) in virus assembly;
*	Structure-function relationships of virus receptor-ligand interactions;
*	Antiviral drug design for therapeutic intervention strategies.

The symposium will cover animal viruses, both enveloped and
non-enveloped, as well as other virus assembly systems. Plenary
session speakers will cover a variety of major topics concerning virus
assembly and disassembly. Other speakers will be chosen from the
submitted Abstracts with the objective of providing opportunities to
most of the participants to present their work. We expect the meeting
to be scientifically stimulating with the location providing a
relaxing and informal, yet exciting atmosphere.

To register your interest and receive further information email your
details to:

Conf at

Polly Roy
Institute of Virology
Oxford OX1 3SR

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