Prototype GDB and OMIM on PC CD-ROM

Kay Gottesman ksg at
Tue Sep 13 00:14:02 EST 1994

		Prototype GDB and OMIM on PC CD-ROM

A prototype version of a PC CD-ROM based on GDB data integrated with mouse
genome data from Jackson Labs and the text of McKusick's "Mendelian Inheritance
in Man" (OMIM) is now available. This new product was developed by the
Human Genome Data Base at Johns Hopkins University, Cedars-Sinai Medical
Center/UCLA, and Jackson Labs Informatics.

If you are interested in participating in the beta testing of PC-GDB, please
contact GDB User Support. We will send you a disk, installation instructions,
and a short evaluation questionnaire. Since we have a limited number of disks
for current distribution, we will send them in the order requests are received.

The hardware/software required to run PC-GDB includes:
. Microsoft MS-DOS(R) version 3.3 or later
. Microsoft Windows(R) version 3.1
. 80386, 80486 or Pentium(R) IBM-compatible PC
. VGA or Super-VGA display
. CD-ROM drive (double-speed recommended)
. 4 MB RAM (8 MB or more recommended)
. 60 MB free space on hard disk (325 MB for hard-disk-only installation)

We look forward to feedback about PC-GDB from the user community.

	GDB User Support
	Genome Data Base
	Johns Hopkins University

	Phone:  410-955-9705
	Fax:	410-614-0434
	Email:  help at

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