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Fri Sep 23 16:26:52 EST 1994

I will be flying in to Denver on Sunday the 25th and then driving the
Bioscimobile for a seminar tour across several states in the Great
Plains area.  The schedule with all the details that I have currently
available is below, followed by a description of the talk.

Needless to say, I will not be answering e-mail as rapidly as usual
and apologize in advance for any delays in answering your questions.
Dave Mack will be monitoring biosci-help at mail primarily
for emergencies, and I will be logging in during the evening hours.
Posts to the groups that I moderate, BIONEWS/bionet.announce,
bionet.journals.contents, and bionet.sci-resources, may be delayed a
bit also.

9/26: 12 noon at the Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center, hosted
by the Hepatobiliary Center of the Medical School.

9/27: 2 PM at the Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln in The Georgianne Room in
the Nebraska Union.

9/28: Noon at Iowa State, Ames IA, Department of Biochemistry and

9/29: At Washington Univ. St. Louis, MO at 10 AM at the Hilltop
Campus, Life Sciences Bldg., room 202 and again at 2 PM at the Medical
School Campus, IBC, 700 S. Euclid Ave., Room 110

9/30: 3:30 PM at the Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, MO, Townsend Hall

10/3: Noon at Kansas Univ. Medical Center, Kansas City, Reike

10/4: 2 PM at Kansas State Univ., Manhattan, KS, Division of Biology,
Ackert Hall, room 120.

10/5: University of Oklahoma - possibly two talks at Norman and
Oklahoma City.  Details will be posted later.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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Free Global Electronic Communications
for Biologists -The BIOSCI Newsgroups 

presented by

Dr. David Kristofferson
BIOSCI/bionet Manager
IntelliGenetics, Inc.

The seminar will cover the use of facilities on the Internet and
connected networks for communicating with biologists worldwide
including e-mail, USENET electronic newsgroups, WAIS, WAISMAIL,
Gopher, and Mosaic/WWW.  The network, especially USENET newsgroups,
offers access to expertise in experimental methods and ideas in a
variety of research specialties as well as to forums for employment
opportunities, current bibliographic information, funding agency
announcements, and other information.

To find out more, please attend the seminar and/or contact the
Internet e-mail address

biosci at

The telephone also works:  415-962-7339

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