SCHISTOSOMA/bionet.organisms.schistosoma PASSES: 158 YES to 2 NO

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Thu Apr 6 14:04:24 EST 1995

I am pleased to announce that the proposal below to create


passed by a vote of 158 YES to 2 NO.

Thus the SCHISTO group has graduated from "prototype" to full
newsgroup status.  Please continue to use the current SCHISTO mailing
list until an announcement is made regarding the creation of the
USENET newsgroup and the second posting address at our Daresbury site
in the U.K.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

Proposal to establish SCHISTOSOMA/bionet.organisms.schistosoma
Proposed USENET name:         bionet.organisms.schistosoma

Proposed mailing list name:   SCHISTOSOMA
Proposed e-mail addresses:    schisto at
                              schisto at

Discussion Leaders:
Werner Kunz             e-mail: Werner.Kunz at
Christoph Grevelding   	e-mail: Christoph.Grevelding at
Lutz Gohr               e-mail: Lutz.Gohr at
Institut fuer Genetik
Universitaetsstrasse 1
40225 Duesseldorf
Telephones :    49-211-311-2333
Telefax :  	49-211-311-2333   		
Newsgroup charter:
Welcome to SCHISTOSOMA, a newsgroup created for the purpose of
information exchange between Schistosoma researchers. Scientists are
welcomed to participate in this worldwide forum for any kind of
information exchange as proposals, announcements, offers, the
discussion of various problems and requests for any biological
material or information concerning schistosomes. We intend to focus
the common interests of all scientists working in this area towards a
faster communication.

Formation of the intended newsgroup will provide :
- a source of quick help on methodological problems, practical advices
  and experiences.
- a forum for the discussion of ideas, problems and recent developments
  in Schistosoma research.
- a means for sharing strains, molecular reagents, etc.
- a further opportunity for collaborative efforts between labs.
- a bulletin board for any announcements concerning meetings,
  congresses or job offers, etc. in this field. 
Topics should cover :
- Biochemistry
 - Culturing
  - Developmental Biology
   - Epidemiology
    - Evolution
     - Genetics
      - Host-Parasite-Interaction
       - Immunology	
        - Medicine
         - Miscellaneous
          - Molecular Biology
           - Schisto update
            - Physiology		
             - Taxonomy
The newsgroup is expected to run unmoderated, but we are willing to
act as current coordinators.  	

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