Directory of Forest Geneticists and Tree Breeders

Bradley K. Sherman bks at
Thu Apr 13 14:00:08 EST 1995

World Directory of Forest Geneticists and Tree Breeders
        is available on the World-Wide Web

Under the tutelage of F. Thomas Ledig the Dendrome
project at the Institute of Forest Genetics has been
updating the _World Directory of Forest Geneticists
and Tree Breeders_ (IURFRO WL S2.02-17 and the Study
Group on Forest Genetic Resources/North American
Forestry Commission/FAO),  which was last published
in 1977.

The paper edition is not yet ready, but almost all
submitted information has been made available on
the World-Wide Web.  The data has been WAIS-indexed
so that the directory may be searched on any term
or combination of terms that appear in the directory

The searchable directory can be found at Universal
Resource locator:
More information and mechanisms for update are
also available at this URL.

You can also find the information via gopher at: port 7508 and
port 70.

Please  email questions to: maillist at


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