1995 Lab Manual Source Book available from CSHL Press [www]

Corp Reed in CompBio reed at cshl.org
Thu Apr 20 22:58:06 EST 1995

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press has announced the publication of
the 1995 Lab Manual Source Book. The Source Book is a
purchasing/reference companion to the techniques manuals published by
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. It is a 'yellow pages' for
products used in laboratories of molecular, cell and protein biology
and it contains  

	*A product index of more than 1300 different product categories
	*An alphabetical list of 1400 suppliers, with complete
         address, phone, and fax information

	*A complete check list of equipment, supplies, and reagents
         needed for a new lab to become fully operational
	*A system offering 24 hour access to technical data by fax

	*Side-by-side technical comparisons of selected products

Information on how to obtain a FREE copy of the 1995 Source Book may
be found at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's WWW site at:  


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