Call for Papers: Environments and Behavior

Peter Todd todd at psych.Stanford.EDU
Wed Aug 2 23:21:21 EST 1995

By adaptive behavior we usually mean behavior that adapts to the varying
environmental structures that an individual encounters.  Thus, to understand
adaptive, environmentally embedded behavior, we must understand not only an
organism's behavior-generating system, but also the structure of the
organism's environment.  Much of that environment can be composed of the
shifting, behaving flux of members of the organism's own species, or members
of other species in the same ecosystem.  But a significant proportion of
relevant environmental structure can comprise more static spatiotemporal
patterns of plants, water, and other resources, inanimate barriers,
temperature and other climatic gradients, and the like.  For this special
issue, we invite papers that consider the impact of these latter non-social
kinds of environment structure on the behavior of natural or artificial
adaptive organisms.  Relevant topics include methods for analyzing and
categorizing environments and their behavioral implications; consequences of
biological and physical environment structures; interactions and feedback
between behavior-affecting environments and environment-affecting behaviors;
constructed environments and culture; and using environmental design to
control behavior in applied settings.  Authors are encouraged to emphasize the
relevance of their research to both natural and artificial systems.
Submitted papers should be delivered by 1 October 1995.  Manuscripts should be
typed or laser-printed in English (with American spelling preferred),
doublespaced, and between 10000 and 15000 words in length counting 500 words
per full-page figure.  Electronic submissions are also possible, in plain
text or Postscript; please contact Peter Todd by email at the address below
for arrangements.
Authors intending to submit are also encouraged to contact the guest editor as
soon as possible to discuss paper ideas and suitability for this issue.
Copies of the complete Adaptive Behavior Instructions to Contributors are
available on request--also see the Adaptive Behavior journal's home page at .
For paper submissions, send five (5) copies of submitted papers (hardcopy
only) to:
Peter M. Todd
Max Planck Institute for Psychological Research
Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition
Leopoldstrasse 24
80802 Munich
For electronic submissions, contact the guest editor first.
Email: ptodd at
Phone: (303)871-4995
Fax:   (303)871-4747

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