Haemophilus influenzae complete genome in GenBank

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Mon Aug 7 16:21:23 EST 1995

======= Haemophilus influenzae complete genome in GenBank ==============

GenBank has received the sequence record for the complete genome of 
H. influenzae sequenced by TIGR and reported in the July 28, 1995 issue 
of Science.

This record is available in both GenBank Flat File (3.8 MBytes) and
FASTA (1.8 MBytes) format.


Due to its size, the H. influenzae genome sequence has been partitioned
into 163 GenBank records that are listed in a table available from
NCBI's WWW server, on the 'Announcement' page.


The individual records are also available from Network Entrez, the
retrieve server and the BLAST servers (e-mail, network and WWW).

All our documents, query engines, servers can be accessed from 
this URL:


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