UWO Fall Online Courses

b.j. mcmillan brad at julian.uwo.ca
Mon Aug 7 16:24:48 EST 1995

The University of Western Ontario is proud to present its fall lineup of
online courses. We would like to thank everyone who inquired about
our spring courses and apologize for those that were unable to attend
because of full courses. Our spring courses were attended by people
world-wide including Australia and Japan. These courses are popular so I 
encourage you to reply as soon as possible if you have any interest. This 
session's lineup includes courses on using internet tools such as gopher 
more efficiently. We also offer courses on English grammar as well as 
troubleshooting your pc. We hope that this will make it possible to have 
a little something for everyone.

The following Western Online courses run from five to twenty-one weeks 
and are conducted entirely online.  By using an electronic mail system 
on one of the University's host computers you will team up with
other students in a virtual classroom.  Course handouts and
exercises will be delivered electronically. Class discussions will
take place online with minimal line charges for up and down
loading time only.

You work from your home or office computer at your convenience.  We
will mail out your personal start-up kit that contains all the
information you need to get online.

The courses offered are:
                                                        Course Start Date
Connect with the World: Computer Communications         Monday,  Sep. 11th
                                                        Monday,  Nov. 6th

Navigating the Internet                                 Monday,  Sep. 11th
                                                        Monday,  Oct. 30th
                                                        Monday,  Nov. 13th

Harnessing the Internet Gopher                          Monday,  Oct. 30th

PC Exploration and Troubleshooting                      Monday,  Oct. 23rd

Introduction to UNIX                                    Monday,  Oct. 23rd

EFL/ESL* Grammar in Academic Contexts (Advanced Level)  Tuesday, Oct. 10th

English Grammar for English First Language Speakers     Monday,  Oct. 2nd

*EFL English Foreign Language
*ESL English Second Language

If any of these courses are of interest to you than email me directly.
Mention the course name and please make the subject heading online 
courses. I will be more than happy to email you the course outline and 
information regarding registering. Thank you for your time and I hope 
that I have raised your curiosity. I hope to hear from you soon. Bye for now.
Brad McMillan                     PTCE - Part Time And Continuing Education
brad at julian.uwo.ca                UWO - University of Western Ontario
      Part Time and Continuing Education Technical Support Specialist

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