Frontiers in Bioscience, an electronic journal and virtual library

Fri Aug 11 20:51:05 EST 1995

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Frontiers in Bioscience, an electronic journal and virtual library

An electronic journal and virtual library has been created in order to 
facilitate rapid dissemination of scientific data as well as to provide 
investigators with numerous online tools for use in their day-to-day 
research activities. The publication cost is minimized or completely 
eliminated. A section of the journal is dedicated to publishing 
manuscripts that contain real time events. 

Access to a large number of databases is quite easy  from the journal. 
These include databases for analysis of scientific data,  search 
strategies, dictionaries, atlases, tutorials, conferences, information on 
products of various manufacturers, links to online journals and many 
other valuable information. Access to the journal and these services is 
free. The staff members of the journal are in the process of creation of 
various databases. One such database on gene knockout is already online.

The journal can be accessed at the following address on WWW:

Although submission of data for publication in electronic platforms has 
just begun, this method of distribution of scientific information would 
certainly be the logical route of the future. The first volume of the 
journal to be published around Jan 1996 will contain excellent 
manuscripts. Please take a moment to examine the journal and consider to 
send manuscripts for publication in this new and novel forum. The address 
of the editorial office is as follows:

Frontiers in Bioscience
S Tabibzadeh, MD,
Dept of Pathology
University of South Florida
12901 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, FL 33612

Tel: 813-979-7237
Fax: 813-979-3085
E-mail: tabibzadeh at 

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>Organization: H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
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Dear Mr Kristofferson:

Thank you for your attention and quick response. The accesssion of 
the journal is free and will remain free. The sumibssion of 
manuscripts to the journal is free and will remain free. After the 
peer review process, if the authors submit the journal on floppy 
disk, the manuscript will be published free of charge. The journal 
will be run by sponsorship just like public TV and radio. This is a 
non-profit venture and will remain this way. All the funds allocated 
for the journal through the sponsorship program will be administered 
at the University of South Florida.


S Tabibzadeh, MD
Associate Prof, Pathology

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